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Functional blackmail
It is undoubtedly a victory of the Basescu-Stolojan-Boc axis that a Democrat got to head the Ministry of Economy, as agreed on Monday evening. Although the Liberals seem to be steering the governmental boat, the truth is that the main ministries - Defense, European Integration, Transport, Justice, Internal Affairs, Public Administration, Education, Environment, Labor and Social Solidarity - are headed by Democrats. The PNL (National Liberal Party) is out. The Liberals'...   (33 afisari)
Democrats in offside
As he was concerned with finding means to get a Democrat take over the Ministry of Economy, the president player got caught in the Constitution web. The fundamental law has it that in case of change of the Cabinet's political structure, the Parliament is to see to it. Initially Basescu thought it would go for all the three candidates to become ministers. But after a brief talk with the PM and the Parliament Chamber presidents and after consulting with the Constitutional...   (23 afisari)
Communism condemned
Marius Oprea, president of the Institute for Investigations on Communist Crimes in Romania, explained yesterday that the institution he was heading could not condemn an ideology, but only identify individual guilt. Oprea opined that communist crimes were crimes against mankind and therefore imprescriptible. Last Monday the leaders of the above-mentioned institute wrote to the Military Prosecutor's Office on 14 officers of the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in...   (19 afisari)
Voronin scolds Basescu
The Moldovan President in Chishinau Vladimir Voronin is coming against the President of Romania Traian Basescu, as he is once again accusing Romania of interference in the Moldovan Republic's domestic affairs. Such an accusation becomes a clue when the Communists in the latter republic want to show obedience to Moscow.
In October 2001 the Moldovan Justice minister accused Romania of hegemony tendencies, of promoting action to undermine the Moldovan Republic's sovereignty...   (30 afisari)
Voiculescu's front
The president of Romanian Conservatives Dan Voiculescu talked to the leader of European Liberals Graham Watson yesterday in Brussels. The two of them analyzed the making of a Social-Democrat front to include the PC (Conservative Party), the PNL (National Liberal Party) and the PSD (Social-Democrat Party). Voiculescu claimed this would be a means to counter the Liberal-Democrat party of President Basescu, alleged to come to being in January.
Conservative sources say...   (25 afisari)
Oprescu is tough on Geoana
Sorin Oprescu, president of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) organization in Bucharest, opened yesterday tough offensive against the PSD president Mircea Geoana. He accused the latter of leading the party to a dangerous slide. Oprescu also pointed to "back door tricks" against him, starting after he had announced his candidacy to presidency over the party. He also elaborated on the reasons why he had decided to enter such a competition.
Oprescu explained: "No...   (16 afisari)
Romanians vote for 'engines'
Political leaders continue to be the main electoral capital of Romanian parties, even if only half of the electorate is willing to go voting. Traian Basescu (61%), Corneliu Vadim Tudor (13%) and George Becali (10%) top electors' preferences. The groups these engine-leaders are affiliated to - the PNL (National Liberal Party)-PD (Democrat Party) Alliance, the PRM ("Great Romania" Party) and the PNG (New Generation Party) - are on the rise. Most electors of the...   (23 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Authorities demanded to investigate Nagy and Seres
Yesterday the Romanian General Attorney asked the committee in charge of analyzing crimes committed by government members to consent to the opening of criminal investigations against the ex economy minister Codrut Seres and the communication minister Zsolt Nagy. The latter are now being investigated in the privatization case.
Prosecutors started such criminal investigations against more people: Stamen Stancev (an international...   (33 afisari)
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