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Renault's children
After threatening to suspend Romania's accession, the EU has changed attitude at international child adoption radically. There is a resolution by the Parliament of Europe that actually demands for the opening of child export again. French magnate Francois de Combret, member of the Renault administration board and author of the EADS corporation, is part of it. As head of the Solidarite Enfants Roumains Abandones, he was the main support of the idea that international...   (107 afisari)
"Evenimentul Zilei" and "Blick" author lies and blackmail
Swiss Michael Ringier, owner of the Ringier Press Group and of the "Evenimentul Zilei" daily, has been involved in many fishy scandals and business in Romania and also abroad: blackmail, bribe making several groups of Romanian journalists working for the newspapers he owns in Romania resign and decide to work for different press groups. "Evenimentul Zilei" got advertising contracts with state-owned companies. The same daily published...   (57 afisari)
Controlled bankruptcy in Hungary
At the end of 2004 Ringier sacked the "Magyar Hirlap" daily, one of the main publications in Hungary. The board invoked the huge debts accumulating and the drastic cut on the number of copies printed. Almost 100 journalists found themselves unemployed, together with more 100 ex employees of the same Hungarian daily. After the collapse of the Communist regime, the "Magyar Hirlap" was thought to be an unbiased publication, serving the interests of no...   (36 afisari)
ZIUA writes letter to Ringier
Dear Mr. Michael Ringier,
We are kindly asking that you express an opinion on the information unveiled by the ZIUA daily in Romania, regarding at least controversial aspects of the activity the press group you own has got in Romania, as well as in other European regions.
We would like you to be so kind and answer the following questions:
1.The Ringier Press Group in Romania together with a daily such as "Evenimentul Zilei", both of them taking...   (40 afisari)
   (32 afisari)
Iliescu doesn't trust Nastase
The ex President of Romanian Ion Iliescu opined yesterday that Adrian Nastase would stand no chance to take over the PSD (Social-Democrat Party). This is a very important clue because it has lately been claimed that Adrian Nastase is enjoying support from the spiritual leader of the PSD. This comment is also a way by which Ion Iliescu can get his friends to think Nastase won't win elections to be held in the PSD congress due in December and...   (27 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Wine export stopper
The Romanian Ministry of Agriculture has become a stopper of wine export, the representatives of Romanian wine producers claim. Instead of granting subventions for DOC wines and abide by the law, the Ministry cashes and is late with returning the export guarantees to producers, as well as with the payment of subventions.
Producers even accuse authorities of jeopardizing export after Romania's accession, because they haven't printed the necessary...   (29 afisari)
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