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Children of Holocaust
More than 7 million people inhabit Israel, according to the outcome of the census released by the Central Statistics Office, at times when Israel is celebrating 58 years since the State of Israel was established.
75% of the population is Jewish and the Arabs make 20%. The number of Israelis enlarged with 118,000 people since the 57th anniversary. Israel has now got 7,026,000 inhabitants, meaning 8,7% more than what it had when the state was created.
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New national security laws are problematic
The new national security laws are to reach the CSAT (Supreme Council for National Defense) for consent, a reason for the President of Romania and the PM to resume their conflict.
President Basescu criticized the projects coming from Victoria Palace one more time. Until the government modified the law projects at stake, the conflict seemed to be of political nature and also related to control over the intelligence services. But that time is over,...   (31 afisari)
President and secrete services' almightiness
Marius Oprea, the Romanian PM's national security adviser, claims in his interview to ZIUA that the President of Romania would like the secret services to have discretionary powers. Oprea thinks this is the reason why the President is dissatisfied with the present version of the new national security law. Here is the interview.
Rep.: President Basescu has announced the security laws are "rather poor" and will need substantial amendments. How...   (35 afisari)
President warned PM about wrong choice
-- The President of Romania Traian Basescu claimed yesterday during a TV show that the minute PM Tariceanu had told him about his intention to recommend that Varujan Vosganian should become an EU Commissioner he himself had replied, claiming it was a wrong choice.
The President explained: "I did my best. There is nothing more a President could have done in his relation with the PM. I told the PM both the choice and the solution were inappropriate. "
He...   (36 afisari)
Vosganian's Securitate record is wanted
Yesterday the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive) reached no decision on Liberal senator Varujan Vosganian. Because of having received from the institutions owning archives no documents on this Romanian politician, who had been chosen to become an EU Commissioner a few days before. NewsIn Agency invokes CNSAS board sources claiming the CNSAS had never had any document showing Varujan had collaborated with the...   (31 afisari)
EU entry brings chances, but no miracles
-- Romanians shouldn't expect major chances once Romania joins the EU, but only an improvement of the standards of life. This is the warning expressed yesterday by the ambassadors of Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The latter officials were in Brasov yesterday, attending a conference on the accession to the EU.
Jan Soth, ambassador of Slovakia, explained that after joining the EU the atmosphere had chanced in his country and people had started...   (36 afisari)
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Liberal deputies agree to ANI project for EU's sake
Romanian deputies passed yesterday the juridical committee's version of the law project on the making of the ANI (National Integrity Agency).
The Liberals, the Democrats, the Conservatives, the Social-Democrats and the deputies representing the PRM ("Great Romania" Party) and the UDMR (democrat Union of Magyars in Romania) voted alike in order to follow the directions set in the morning by Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu.
Parliamentary...   (21 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Scheele bids farewell to Romania
The official mandate of Jonathan Scheele, head of the European Commission's delegation to Romania, has come to an end. Yesterday the EU official bade farewell to Romania. He said he was proud for having stood by our country since 2001 and mentioned he could see the enthusiasm of Romanians as far as the European integration was concerned. (...)
Scheele mentioned he was fully convinced that after joining the EU Romania would bring more values...   (29 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Spain too thinks about restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians
Madrid authorities intend to allow Romanian and Bulgarian immigrant to get jobs in Spain only two years after January 1, 2007, when both Romania and Bulgaria are due to join the EU.
The Spanish foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos explained it yesterday. He commented: "Spain's policy was very clear. We decided a 2-year restriction for citizens coming from the first 10 member states. Then we did away with such...   (23 afisari)
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LATEST - In Brief
US ambassador: Romania makes progress
The US ambassador to Bucharest Nicholas Taubman opined yesterday that Romania had been making progress in the last years. Ambassador Tauban attended the opening of the Center or Economic Education and Development, established by the USAID together with the SEAF.
The US official mentioned the economy growth, the employment rate improving, the growing sales of new cars and the progress of small and medium size enterprises. He also added...   (30 afisari)
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