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Hungarian fooled
The parliamentary consent to have presidency adviser Claudiu Saftoiu take over the SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service) is a victory due to the negotiations the Cotroceni had with Marko Bela's UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania). UDMR parliamentary sources say the in exchange for pro-Saftoiu votes the UDMR was promised that their rivals in the UCM (Civic Magyar Union) wouldn't manage to get registered as a political group in Romania. Sources claim the consequence of...   (34 afisari)
Political battle on future EU commissioner
The future EU commissioner will be a member either of the PNL (National Liberal Party) or of the PD (Democrat Party). It was the President of Romania Traian Basescu who announced it yesterday before setting out for Armenia. The President explained: "I would like you to be aware that his/her activity in the European Commission has got an important political dimension. The Commission itself is supported by majority in the Parliament of Europe. Romania's...   (23 afisari)
Parliament takes action in Cathedral Plaza scandal
They say in September 13 the government asked the State Inspection in Construction to take action and stop the construction of the building next to St. Joseph Cathedral in Bucharest. But the government hasn't announced this officially and the huge building is growing each and every day. Deputies' committee for abuse demanded the Romanian foreign minister for explanations yesterday. The official was to explain about an official document sent...   (26 afisari)
Pottering: Romania will enjoy EU advantages soon
Hans-Gert pottering is leader of the EPP group in the Parliament of Europe. He is to become president of the Parliament of Europe in January 1, 2007. Pottering is one of the most influential and interesting politicians in Europe, as many analysts think of him as a key character for the latest success of the EPP.
Today he is in Romania. The Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca is to award him the Doctor Honoris Causa title. The reporter...   (29 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
France ratifies Romania's accession
The French Senate ratified Romanian's Treaty of Accession with the EU on Tuesday afternoon. There were only 27 senators who voted for it, whereas the remaining 304 were absent from session. The French senators' disinterest points to the consensus on a pre-established way rather than to ignorance of the issue. The Paris 'acquis' has it that the enlargement is to reach 27 members (as set in the Treaty of Nice), so that talk about new candidates...   (12 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
CNSAS lets 'sharks' get away with it
Important politicians stand all chances to get laundered by the CNSAS (national Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive). Sources close to the CNSAS board say the 'big fish' are likely to get positive verdicts that they did not collaborate with the ex Secutitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania), which is also due to documents in the records that were taken away. This way politicians like Social-Democrats Rodica Stanoiu...   (17 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Prince Radu to visit Turkey
Prince Radu, a special representative of the Romanian government, is to pay official visit to Turkey in October 5-6. The Romanian official is to meet with his Holiness Bartholomew I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, and then visit several churches in Istanbul.
Prince Radu is also to meet with Turkish students and professors at the University of Bogazici, where he is to deliver a conference titled "Romania: A European Contribution."
Tomorrow...   (22 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Missing baby was found
The newly born who disappeared from a hospital in Craiova last week was found Tuesday night close to another hospital in the same city. A woman phoned to tell she had seen an abandoned baby, but she wouldn't unveil her identity. (...)
The medical team went to the place and saw the 2-month old boy was healthy. The team called for the nurse who had taken care of him while in hospital in order to recognize the baby. It was the same nurse who had been sanctioned...   (13 afisari)
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