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Romanian ballet on a burning stage
While Romania is aflame because of the Mona Musca scandal, New York is housing a general reunion for emergency, as foreign affairs journalists from all over the world have noticed. The UN is about to collapse. There are several apples of discord and the planet seems broken in four cardinal points. There are a few significant international players, such as China, Russia and India, trying to make use of the crisis intensifying not only in the Arab area,...   (33 afisari)
CNSAS implosion
Mircea Dinescu is threatening he will resign from the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive). Today he will express some suggestions on changing the institution's activity. Unless they are considered, he will leave the CNSAS building for good. He told us: "I will ask the CNSAS board should dissolve. Only the board, not the CNSAS! The institution is good and it must stay a research institution. The group of researchers, those who decipher...   (34 afisari)
Vadim claims Dinescu is SIE officer
Daniela Buruiana, a representative of the PRM ("Great Romania" Party) heading the parliamentary subcommission to check on the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive), claims one CNSAS member is also an undercover SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service) officer "collaborating with services hostile to Romania and the NATO group."
Yesterday Buruiana went to the CNSAS to check on the way the records from the SIE archive...   (24 afisari)
Anti-Romanian slogans in Budapest
On Tuesday night one could hear anti-Romanian slogans in BUdapest, which has made Romanian politicians and political analysts react, Rompres informs.
Budapest demonstrators were crying out their disgust with "shitty Romania", pleading for an attitude such as "Who is Hungarian is with us" and also demanding "free press".
Liberal senator Teodor Melescanu, formerly a foreign minister of Romania, says such protests are to be firmly criticized, but opines...   (42 afisari)
Services with no chiefs
Romanian MPs had a common session yesterday, when they decided that the SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service) chief Radu Timofte and the SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service) head Gheorghe Fulga had resigned. Leadership positions over the two services were declared vacant. The President of Romania Traian Basescu is to propose to the Parliament two persons to take over the two intelligence services. The ceremony is due in October 4 in common parliamentary session.
Before...   (21 afisari)
Stoica and Stolojan are out
Yesterday the PNL (National Liberal Party) organization in Bucharest simply kicked out those Liberals PM Tariceanu has been at loggerheads with. Bucharest Liberal leaders voted unanimously for expelling the past glorious representatives of the PNL: Theodor Stolojan and Valeriu Stoica. The Liberals in power made even with Mona Musca too. The latter deputy was publicly demanded to resign from the Parliament, on grounds of her "dreadful past".
Real soccer show
Ludovic...   (19 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
President swears Romania is innocent
In Monday's interview to the German publication Focus, also posted on the Internet page of Romanian Presidency, the President of Romania Traian Basescu says he can guarantee Romania was not used for hosting detention centers for terrorists. Still he mentions he can't know what happened in the planes that flew over Romania. When asked why Romania doesn't admit there were CIA secret prisons on its territory, the President answers: " Simply because...   (26 afisari)
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