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Operation meant to compromise the rightwing?
Yesterday I was invoking the coincidence that people keen on reforms were always stigmatized for their guilty connections with the Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania). My opinion is that the disclosing of the respective information is deliberate. And diversion can be avoided only if the whole past becomes visible. It actually means to publish all records on an Internet page available to everyone so that people would know how to...   (24 afisari)
Securitate meant political police
The CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive) employees are working in extreme circumstances right now. The CNSAS risks reaching a credibility crisis that can be avoided only by coherent use of the law, by means of transparency and natural alliance with mass media and public opinion. This is the view expressed yesterday by CNSAS member Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu.
In the press conference he held yesterday at the offices...   (24 afisari)
Liberals to expel Musca
The PNL (National Liberal Party) leaders decided yesterday, after a debate lasting several hours, to withdraw political support to Mona Musca, who used to be one outstanding symbol of the party. They also decided to propose in the Permanent Delegation meeting due in September to expel her from the party.
She collaborated for the sake of job privilages
The sanction is because Mona Musca had signed a pact with the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania),...   (21 afisari)
PNL left without honorary president
Mircea Ionescu Quintus, honorary president of the PNL (National Liberal Party), announced his resignation yesterday. He explained he had written reports to the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania), but no information notes.
He made this statement yesterday after Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu, member of the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive), had just accused him publicly of having signed two pacts...   (21 afisari)
Dying men network
The villains invented astonishing methods to deprive the rightful owners of the houses they sleep in peacefully, with the property documents under the pillows. In order to delete all traces the criminals make use of dying people. The latter actually die after selling houses as mandate owners. The criminals use fake notary documents, allegedly drawn in the US, and the dying have got no idea about what they are doing.
Notary Livia Alexandru approves of house sale on grounds...   (39 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Four records from SIE
CNSAS (National Council for research on the Communist Secret Service Archive) member Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu announced yesterday that the CNSAS was going to be provided by the SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service) with records on four politicians who had collaborated with the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania). From unofficial sources the main dailies in Romania got the names of those with SIE records, but without clear specification whether...   (29 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Names of ex Securitate officers to be released
The PNL (National Liberal Party) leaders consented yesterday to a proposal belonging to historian Marius Oprea, the Romanian PM's security adviser. The proposal is to modify the law on the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive) by including one more article on the release of the names of all officers employed by the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania).
A few days ago ZIUA...   (32 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
UDMR pleads for difference between "victims" and "hangmen"
Romanian communication minister Nagy Zsolt and UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania) deputy Kelemen Hunor stated yesterday while in Cluj that there was an attempt to lead to a confusion on people who had collaborated with the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania) and those watched by the latter.
The two UDMR officials pleaded for the need to make a clear difference between the "victims" and the "hangmen"....   (26 afisari)
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