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Valeriu Stoica's trap
I promised I would try to analyze possible solutions to prevent the continuation of the war between the two palaces in the future. Of course the solution can be constitutional only. Due to the opportunity coming from the Constitutional Court, the President may now initiate referendum on the topic. But is this any advantage to him? Valeriu Stoica, now a powerful ally of the President, is the last who has come up with the idea that in the future the President should...   (3 afisari)
Putting Lebanon Together
Today's crisis in Lebanon is a crisis of the Lebanese state. It is this structural crisis that must be addressed if the violence is to stop.
When Israel withdrew its forces from southern Lebanon in 2000, the international understanding was that the Lebanese government would re-assert its authority in the evacuated area. Hezbollah, which led the armed struggle against Israeli occupation, was to disarm and re-invent itself as a political force, representing...   (2 afisari)
Real sack
Radu Timofte, head of the SRI (Romanian Secret Service), and Gheorghe Fulga, head of the SIE (Foreign Intelligence Department), as well as Virgil Ardelean, general director of the DGIPI (the secret service in the Interior Ministry) resigned yesterday. Presidency spokeswoman Adriana Saftoiu made the announcement last evening.
Yesterday at 9:00 in the morning Romanian President Traian Basescu had a meeting with the SRI and SIE heads, along with representatives of the Interior...   (6 afisari)
Atanasiu in trouble
Ever since December 1989 Teodor Atanasiu has been the only Romanian minister to make a case for the committee Presidency set on this purpose. The law on ministerial responsibility while under mandate is now at stake. This is because two officials, presidency adviser Adriana Saftoiu and Social-Democrat deputy Eugen Bejinariu, wrote criminal complaints against minister Atanasiu, invoking abuse at work.
During Ion Iliescu's last mandate as President of Romania, in...   (2 afisari)
Famous STASI chaser Joachim Gauck give us a hand
-- There are ex informers in every party and social group
While paying a visit to Sophia, famous Joachim Gauck, ex federal representative for research on the archive of the STASI, the secret service in Eastern Germany, demanded Romanian and Bulgarian authorities to allow for research on the records drawn by the secret services of the Communist regime. In his interview to Deutsche Welle he opined that the new democracies in Romania and Bulgaria...   (3 afisari)
Denounce yourselves!
Two days ago while attending Robert Turcescu's talk show on Realitatea TV, ZIUA director Sorin Rosca Stanescu presented one report from the record drawn by ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service) agents who had watched him. Rosca Stanescu explained that 7 journalists, colleagues of his working for "Informatia Bucurestiului" daily in 1988, had reported against him to the Securitate. He would give only the code names of the 7: Mares, Jan, Mitu, Magda, Iancu, Radu and...   (2 afisari)
Tariceanu's group denies Stolojan-Musca-Stoica trio
Romanian Liberals faithful to Calin Popescu Tariceanu, president of the PNL (National Liberal Party), countered yesterday the initiative of the rebellious Stolojan-Musca-Stoica trio. The former Liberals had a long meeting in Cluj and they practically asked for the same thing as the three dissidents: solidarity and party revival, with focus on the PM's great leadership qualities. More than 60 members founders of the PNL and past leaders...   (3 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Civic Media asks press to help CNSAS
Yesterday the Civic Media Association provided the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive) with the second list of Romanian journalists to be checked on their collaboration with the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service). The list is part of the "Clean Voices" campaign and it includes the names of several categories of journalists, politicians-journalists like Adrian Nastase included. Before finishing...   (3 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Teo Peter's family demands damages
The family of Teo Peter, former bass player of the Compact music band, sent official solicitation to the American Military yesterday asking for damages of more than $ 1 million. The solicitation was sent to the American Military officially with assistance from Arent Fox, a lawyers' company in Washington. John Gurley, lawyer in the latter company, said Romania was a main ally of the US and expressed hope that US authorities would meet the claim...   (4 afisari)
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