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Voiculescu's lawyer wants Dinescu recused
-- Andon's trick
Romanian Conservatives coordinated by Sergiu Andon, lawyer of the Conservatives' president, have started to collect evidence in order to prove that CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive) member Mircea Dinescu had expressed opinion before the official announcement on the decision about Dan Voiculescu's collaboration with the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service) and he was therefore incompatible....   (3 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Britain promises visa free for Romanians
Staring with September Britain's Embassy in Bucharest is going to set an online visa system and Britain will grant visa free to Romanian citizens before Romania becomes a member of the EU. This is what the British Ambassador to Bucharest Robin Barnett said, thus responding to the Romanian President's latest statement on the issue.
The British official also explained that the online visa system to be used starting with September is meant...   (2 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Ukraine denies UN Commission for Bastroe
Ukraine is going to appeal against the UN Commission evaluating the Ukrainian project on Bastroe canal, sources close to the Kiev government claim, according to the Ukrainian press. The Geneva Commission released a resolution pointing to Bastroe canal's negative impact on the ecosystem. (...)
Kiev diplomats believe the UN Commission's conclusions include some inexact data. The report has it, among others, that Ukraine did not inform...   (5 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Justice minister no longer trusts Romanian Justice
Romanian Justice minister Monica Macovei says she no longer trusts Romanian Justice, given the very different verdicts on identical cases that different courts reach. The minister criticizes judges' contradictory solutions and has insinuated Ilie Botos may not be continuing as general attorney. Minister Macovei opines Iliescu Botos is not a good manager. As for him and changes to be made, Macovei says such proposal hasn't come...   (2 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Romanians trust EU
Although they are more dissatisfied with the present (56%) than EU citizens (18%) are, 68% of Romanians trust EU a lot. This is one of the conclusions reached in the latest research of the Eurobarometer kind. The outcome of it is to be presented in today's press conference to be held by Giorgio Ficarelli, head of the department coordinating pre-accession assistance in the EU Delegation to Bucharest, and Dumitru Sandu, editor of the Report on Romania in the Infoeuropa...   (4 afisari)
The greatest theft
ZIUA is starting a series on the greatest theft in Romania after 1989, which did harm to several people, with $ 120 million at stake. Businessman Gelu Tofan is the first person greatly cheated on. After having complained to all state authorities about the cheat, somebody attacked him out in the street, but failed to kill him. His companies were cheated on under the coordination of his former reliable friend, Stefan Radulescu. The actives of SC Tofan Trans SA were...   (9 afisari)
Talpes creates center-right party
Independent senator Ioan Talpes announced yesterday the making of a group aimed at creating a center right party to be called People's Social-Christian Union (the UPSC). In a populist statement Talpes claimed the group to be established would work on "citizens' real problems" and promote in all administrative structures only competent persons, waging war to all forms of political clientele.
The senator would like the UPSC to join a European...   (2 afisari)
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