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The fallen pharaoh
Egypt's Kifaya Movement has raised the ante in its opposition to President Hosni Mubarak's regime by issuing a massive report that dares to name names and detail corruption among the country's leaders. Nothing in Egypt's long history has ever equaled this airing of the country's dirtiest laundry.
Kifaya's action is especially bold in the midst of a government crackdown to prepare the way for the succession of Mubarak's son, Gamal. For example, a recent law mandates...   (7 afisari)
President is free to decide on referendum
The Constitutional Court decided yesterday the Romanian President is free to decide on matters he wanted to subject to referendum and learn citizens' opinions. The issue made politicians hot last autumn and few agreed that the President was allowed to decide all by himself on matters of national interest to hold referendum on. Six months after the law on referendum passed the Court has now decided that such regulation is not in keeping with the...   (1 afisare)
Putin is more seductive than Basescu
The Moldovan Republic doesn't intend to proceed to unification with Romania, President Voronin said in yesterday's press conference, when expressing conclusions on 2006 as a political year. When asked to comment on the Romanian President's offer that the two states should join the EU together, the Chishinau leader mentioned there was no such an official proposition.
He mentioned: "As for the unification with Romania, such prospects won't even exist...   (12 afisari)
Boc to sue Ponta
The PD (Democrat Party) leader Emil Boc announced yesterday that he would sue Social-Democrat deputy Victor Ponta for having harmed his image. He said he would ask Ponta to pay him damages reaching 1 billion ROL. The Social-Democrat deputy claimed last Monday that the PD leader had interfered in favor of Democrat Mircia Gutau, mayor of Ramnicu Valcea, so that he would not be arrested for investigations of bribe charges.
The PD leader explained he had never...   (1 afisare)
LATEST - In Brief
President criticizes government one more time
Romanian President Traian Basescu criticized the Romanian government one more time yesterday, during the official ceremony when Conservative Bogdan Olteanu became a vice prime minister. The President commented: "There's too much talk on the governmental platform and maybe too little dedication to the accomplishing of missions expressed in the Parliament."
The President expressed hope that the new minister of state would focus on...   (1 afisare)
LATEST - In Brief
More presidency advisers
Romanian President Traian Basescu decided yesterday that he needed two more advisers: one for education and one for health. The head of state has lately been taking great interest in both fields.
Liberal Virgil Paunescu, formerly a state secretary in the Ministry of Health, dismissed after citizens' protests against minister Nicolaescu in Timisoara, was named presidency adviser in the Public Health Department. Paunescu was director of the Emergency...   (1 afisare)
LATEST - In Brief
Government spokeswoman complains against defense minister
Adriana Saftoiu, spokeswoman for the Romanian government and presidency communication adviser, sent a criminal complaint to the Prosecutor's Office yesterday. The official complained against Romanian defense minister Teodor Atanasiu, accusing him of abuse at work against people's interests. The reason why Saftoiu did it is that minister Atanasiu had recently said on TV: "I am telling it once again: I have got a whole information...   (4 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Pyramids at climax
It is poverty that makes Romanians use their money in gambling games like Caritas. Severe crimes take places, but interior minister Vasile Blaga notices nothing. The promise to win money fast makes "players" risk what they have saved up in a lifetime.
After the spectacular collapse of tricky operations such as Caritas, Gerald, Dynamic Elite or Philadelphia, the latter were replaced by Delphin, Eurocasta and Society Club. Some other businessmen keen on jackpots...   (8 afisari)
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