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Terrorist arrested
Romanian authorities retained a terrorist suspect on Monday, while he was close to the locality of Buzias. Yesterday he was arrested for 29 days. Florin Lesch was caught while heading Timisoara in order to detonate a car in a crowded city area. Authorities found in his car two gas cylinders he intended to use for blasts in the center of Timisoara. He told investigators he wanted to make Romanian authorities withdraw troops from Iraq and denied charges.
Timisoara rescued...   (12 afisari)
Soros network in Romania
Due to the role he played in the 80's and the recent financing and setting of the "colored revolutions" in Georgia (2003) and Ukraine (2004), billionaire George Soros has got the reputation of a super leader of the "New World Order", although he is no head of state. But he has also got the reputation of an inexhaustible enemy of US President George W. Bush and the Neo-Conservative White House group, the "Project for a New American Century" (PNAC). It is often and...   (12 afisari)
More dreadful trade with Jewish cemeteries
In early June ZIUA published two series of reports on one of the most serious business in Romania: the present board of the FCER (Jewish Community Federation in Romania) sold lands hosting old Jewish cemeteries. The affairs is going on with the knowledge of Aurel Vainer, president of the FCER, and Menahem Hacohem, the Great Rabbi of Romania. Romanian-American citizen David Kahan, an Orthodox Jew born in Telciu, Bistrita-Nasaud, president of the...   (32 afisari)
Felix's lawyer wants peace with CNSAS
Conservative deputy Sergiu Andon, lawyer of the Conservative deputy Dan Voiculescu, asked the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive) president Claudiu Secasiu yesterday that CNSAS members should question him tomorrow in order to "normalize" the terms between the institution and his client Dan Voiculescu. Andon is also a head of deputies' juridical commission. He wrote to Secasiu yesterday, demanding to be interrogated...   (5 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Face to face in Tarlisua
The war between Basescu and Tariceanu has reached unbelievable peaks. The two of them got to exchange replies even in front of people harmed by the latest floods. Just like in La Fontaine's fable with the two goats, the President and the PM got face to face on the bridge in one locality in Bistrita much damaged by floods. The President and PM said hello, expressed concern and opinions, found the guilty and left. Basescu blamed unbound nature, whereas Tariceanu...   (14 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
National security laws criticized
Romanian defense minister Teodor Atanasiu and civil society representatives along with party members criticized yesterday the controversial set of national security laws. They attended debate "Individual Freedom vs. National Security" and outlined the Parliament lacked real control on the information services. They asked for amendments to the projects so that human rights would not be harmed.
Minister Atanasiu described the set of laws that...   (3 afisari)
Geoana has to make a choice
Mircea Geoana is now in the situation of Buridan's donkey, who starved to death because he couldn't make a choice on which hay to eat. The Social-Democrat leader has to choose either to sack some not exactly clean members of his party or to cherish them in order to make sure of party support.
PSD (Social-Democrat Party) sources claim the European Socialists sent Geoana a list with the people having trouble with their credibility, whom Geoana should...   (4 afisari)
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