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  Nr. 3660 de marti, 27 iunie 2006 
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President drops by hospitals
Romanian President Traian Basescu drove his car yesterday to pay an unannounced 2-hour visit to the Marius Nasta Pneumology Hospital in Bucharest yesterday. He insinuated he would go on with unannounced visits to hospitals and schools, as such institutions were part of the fields he cared for and was dissatisfied with.
In his first speech to Romanian MPs delivered last week the President criticized tough the state of both health and education. As for health,...   (2 afisari)
Evenimentul Zilei suspected of 'the silly boy' syndrome
I am now addressing the ZIUA readers and I am trying to be very explicit, as I know they are not admirers of Evenimentul Zilei too. Therefore they may not know what it is about. Maybe they have been driven away by the famous hen that laid chickens instead of eggs or by other tremendous blunders that have promoted this daily in the last six years to the category of dailies specializing in science fiction. My thanks to the colleagues...   (6 afisari)
Verdicts on mayors
ZIUA has started to evaluate the accomplishments of mayors ruling Bucharest and other important cities in Romania where local editions of ZIUA are printed. The common feature seems to be the gap between promises and facts. Another one is related to the political orientation: who has got a mayor in power has also got money.
The General Mayor of Bucharest is the absolute champion of scandals and failures. Adriean Videanu has so far been remarked for activities like asphalting...   (4 afisari)
PD trick: restructuring by means of decentralization
The PD (Democrat Party) is trying again to achieve the restructuring of the Romanian Executive, although they have so far failed to persuade Coalition partners into making some changes in the governmental team. Yesterday the Democrats proposed the Executive should adopt a political resolution to reform state institutions and develop local authorities' attributions by means of intense decentralization. The idea of decentralization has already...   (3 afisari)
Both Liberals and Democrats dismiss the Conservatives
Liberal leaders mocked Voiculescu's Conservatives yesterday, claiming the PNL (National Liberal Party) didn't think the Coalition Protocol needed to be negotiated again, but on the contrary, it needed stricter obedience. PNL spokesman Eugen Nicolaescu explained: "The PNL does not think there is need to negotiate on the Coalition Protocol again, but on the contrary, there is need that all parties in the Coalition should respect the Protocol...   (2 afisari)
PSD parliamentary motion failed
The PSD (Social-Democrat Party) parliamentary motion on Romanian education failed yesterday because 155 deputies voted against it and only 95 were for it. Deputies from "Great Romania" Party refrained from option. During the debate Romanian education minister Mihai Hardau described the PSD initiative as "simple both denotatively and connotatively." He claimed the present government was paying for the errors committed under the PSD reign. (...)
PM...   (2 afisari)
LATEST - In brief
Danube Delta waits for tourists
Despite the media hysterics on the bird flu and on this year's floods on the course of the Danube, resorts in the Danube Delta are open and struggle to offer unforgettable holidays for tourists. Unfortunately, the number of tourists has diminished this year up to only 30% of the number of tourists who came to the Delta last June. This is because of the excessive media reports of the bird flu cases there. The effects of it can still be felt. Virgil...   (4 afisari)
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