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ZIUA under attack
18 intellectuals have signed a Protest accusing ZIUA daily of anti-semitism because of an editorial commenting on the Romanian foreign minister's invention of a concept such as 'light Romanian." The 18 authors have even drawn a black list of ZIUA journalists whom they accuse of promoting extremist messages, keen on the Iron Guard. ZIUA has been criticizing the Romanian diplomacy's activity under the rule of minister Mihai Razvan Ungureanu because of obvious failures. Western...   (21 afisari)
President announces Romania passed exam in Elysee Palace
France is going to ratify the Treaty of Accession with Romania in due time, announced Romanian President Traian Basescu yesterday while in Paris. He said it after his meeting in Elysee Palace with the President of France Jacques Chirac. Although the meeting was to last 30 minutes, the two officials talked for more than one hour. The Romanian president described it as a partners' meeting and expressed public thanks to Jacques Chirac....   (2 afisari)
Justice minister gives up new Criminal Code
Yesterday Romanian Justice minister Monica Macovei got much critique and questions from deputies dissatisfied with the mess in the Justice system. She attended yesterday's deputy debate on a project to modify the Criminal Code, setting criminal responsibility for juridical persons. The minister had announced in a previous meeting with the leaders of parliamentary groups that she didn't want the new Criminal Code to be applied starting with next...   (1 afisare)
Bird flu sabotages Romania's accession
Guido Podesta, co-president of the EU-Romanian Joint Committee, said in yesterday's press conference that the bird flu crisis was real emergency and if not settled, it could cause postponement on Romania's accession to the EU, says Mediafax.
The EU official warned that the present state of things was severe and there was need of determination to settle things. Podesta mentioned that since several representatives of the Romanian government were claiming...   (2 afisari)
A pain in Geoana's neck
Ex president of Romania Ion Iliescu is threatening to split the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) unless he is allowed to establish the Social Front the way he wants it. Iliescu advised Mircea Geoana, the man he had called "a silly boy" some time before, to prove wisdom and put up with opinions opposing the main PSD line. Otherwise, the PSD will split, says Iliescu.
The ex president of the PSD took firm attitude from which we can see that the versatile politician...   (2 afisari)
Thirst for power
In the meeting held two days ago the parties in the Coalition in power failed to agree on what the restructuring of the Executive actually meant. Just like usually, they had disputes on principles. The only thing they agreed on was to postpone talks one more week. It was the second time in a row that the four parties failed to decide on how to restructure the Executive and whether to replace some ministers or not.
Parties have got homework to do: a plan on restructuring...   (1 afisare)
Liberals welcome Stolojan if he denies Basescu
As long as Theodor Stolojan is the adviser of President Traian Basescu and his reliable ally, the Liberals will give him the cold shoulder. This is what Liberal deputy Dan Radu Rusanu said in a radio program, says Hotnews.
When asked for Romanian Liberals' opinion on whether Stolojan could make a PM or not, Rusanu answered Theodor Stolojan stood no chance to lead the Liberal Party unless he denied Traian Basescu and quitted Cotroceni....   (1 afisare)
LATEST - In Brief
King Mihai to visit Basarabia
King Mihai is to visit Basarabia the following days to attend the ceremonial unveiling of the Heroes' Monument in the cemetery in Tiganca locality. This is His Majesty's first visit to Basarabia after 65 years.
In 1941 King Mihai was attending the military parade in Chisinau following after the eliberation of Basarabia and northern Bucovina from the Soviet occupation, BBC reminds. The ceremony in Tiganca is due tomorrow and it is part of the events...   (5 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Dirty Justice
One juridical adviser employed by the National Institute of Criminology in the Ministry of Justice and his mother, a Democrat senator in Buzau, have accused Justice minister Monica Macovei of blackmail. The real issue at stake is the trial sued by adviser Marius Daniel Serbanescu in order to annul an order signed by Macovei. The adviser wrote a request for transfer to the officials in the Ministry of Justice, but they said he would get consent only if he denied the...   (1 afisare)
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