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Dominating functionaries
-- Tom Gallagher
Some of the most influential figures in Romanian politics rarely emerge into the light of day. They are long-serving officials in the different public ministries and other vital branches of state. They have their own agendas. Thus in the agriculture ministry after 2000, the preferred approach was to assist the pre-1989 bosses of the cooperatives as they strove to become large landowners. In the education ministry, an easy tolerance was shown towards...   (12 afisari)
Idealism, realism and U.S. foreign policy (II)
There are two flavors of idealists here. First, there are those who argue that in waging its war against the jihadists, the United States should never do anything that would violate basic principles of human rights -- and that it should avoid alliances with states that are themselves oppressive. So, for example, some argue that working closely with Saudi Arabia, a kingdom they regard as antithetical to American moral standards, is unacceptable....   (15 afisari)
Report on communism to become official state document
The presidential commission to analyze the communist dictatorship in Romania was established to meet Romanian president Traian Basescu's request that the communist regime in Romania should be officially condemned on grounds of a rigorous and coherent document, elaborated by specialists famous for their contribution to the research on communism. Vladimir Tismaneanu, a professor of political science at Maryland University and author of...   (64 afisari)
Panait's gravediggers
The representatives of the system protecting the interests of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) were the ones who pushed the prosecutor investigating Lele to commit suicide. Ex general attorney Joita Tanase, prosecutor-in-chief Ilie Piciorus and prosecutor Ovidius Paun are top of the list. It was mainly about the political interest of ex PM Adrian Nastase. The tool they used was Viorel Stiube, a criminal formerly in connection to present Romanian interior minister Vasile...   (14 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Lobby against SRI belongs to some well off
Radu Timofte, head of the SRI (Romanian Secret Service), has told Mediafax that the image of the SRI is poor because of the controversy on the records of the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service) and because of the lobby initiated by some well-off, whose personal interests are harmed by the SRI activity.
Timofte reminds that Romanian president Traian Basesccu asked him to improve this image deficiency of the SRI.
The SRI head...   (12 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Ukraine doesn't quit Insula Serpilor
Ukraine announced yesterday that it would send a report to the International Court of Justice in Hague, as response to Romania's complaint about the delimitation of the continental plateau and the exclusive economy areas in the Black Sea, says Interfax Ukraine that Rompres cites.
Nikolai Litvin, president of the state committee for the security of Ukrainian borders, explained: "As known, Romania sued Ukraine at the International Court in...   (19 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Waiting for the Danube to have mercy
There may be more difficulty because of the floods early next week, says Romanian environment minister Sulfina Barbu. She explains: "Right now the situation is stable, but it doesn't mean we can relax. We must wait till we have certain debits to cause no trouble. Even if things have been improving today, we will be on the watch out at Easter too. According to the weather forecast, from Monday on it will be warm and there will be no rains."...   (12 afisari)
IMF says 'stop' to credits
Limitation of pay raise in state-budget fields, intensification of structural reforms, greater flexibility of the labor market and faster privatization are the IMF (International Monetary Fund) recommendations for Romania. These points are included in the latest report on world economy elaborated by the IMF experts. In the document it is mentioned that in both Romania and Bulgaria the national demand is significantly above expectations, due to the...   (5 afisari)
Ciuhandu: Since the PD is against it, why shouldn't we talk to the PNL?
In his recent interview to ZIUA, the PNTCD (National Christian-Democrat Party) president Gheorghe Ciuhandu says his party has started talks with the PNL (National Liberal Party) on eventual alliance for future elections.
Ciuhandu had a meeting with the Romanian PM and they talked about the making of a center-right group, doing away with the fusion of these two parties. Ciuhandu also says the PD (Democrat Party)...   (8 afisari)
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