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'Weber' report to be used by the European Commission
Th war between Cotroceni Palace and Victoria Palace, the intensification of political migration, the governing by means of emergency ordinances and responsibility taking, the opposition's crises and the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive) scandal are recent failures in Romanian politics. The European Commission is going to be informed about the issues due to a report drawn by three NGOs.
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Mysteries to last 100 years
Romanian president Traian Basescu decided to release proposals regarding the law projects on the SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service) and the SRI (Romanian Secret Service), the law on information and the one on the information officer's status. So far the documents have been a reason for dispute between parties in the Coalition.
Yesterday they were published on the Internet page of Romanian Presidency so that there would follow 30-day public debate. Article...   (2 afisari)
Compromise is solution to Kosovo
Romanian president Traian Basescu had a meeting yesterday with Svetozar Marovic, president of the Serbia-Montenegro Union. The two officials talked about Kosovo, the EU membership of the Western Balkans, visas set for Sebians and Romanians in both states and the acknowledging of the Romanian Orthodox Church in a law of cults, says Mediafax. (...)
After the meeting, Marovic commented: "If all the leaders of regional states shared Traian Basescu's view,...   (1 afisare)
LATEST - In Brief
2 Romanians died in Tel Aviv attacks
Romanian female citizens who worked in Israel, Rozalia Beseneyi and Piroska Boda, died in the recent Tel Aviv attacks. Victoria Bozga is another Romanian female injured in the event.
Boda died at the very place where the attack emerged and her corpse was carried to the hospital first. As for the second woman, she was still alive when reaching the hospital, but doctors didn't manage to rescue her. (...) (T.S.)   (2 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Floods damage Romania
The Danube is overflowing in Romania. People have so far cared to set breakwaters to protect localities. But right now the only solution left for Romanians is to run away. The Danube is higher than ever and the dikes have been collapsing one by one. Almost every locality on the riverside is now under water. Thousands of Romanians have been hastily evacuated. Yesterday a few more thousands were ready to run away.
Given these, authorities have to displace...   (16 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Cheat on pensions
Today ZIUA is showing you how the Romanian state cheats on every Romanian retired and unemployed person it is suppoesd to protect. The governors retain an average of 888,000,000 ROL from the money assumed to reach the retired. In 32,5 years of employment every Romanian pays 1,254,825,000 ROL on average to the Pension Fund. According to latest statistics, he/she gets pension for only 9,5 years. In this period the states sends back only 366,795,000 ROL from the...   (1 afisare)
LATEST - In Brief
Condemnation of communism under debate
The Ramanda Majestic Hotel in Bucharest is hosting the debate "Trial on Communism - A Postponed Sentence" today . Horia Rusu Foundation has arranged the event.
Historians Marius Oprea and Stejarel Olaru are chairing the debate to be attended by dissidents, political analysts, men of letters, politicians and journalists such as Vladimir Tismaneanu, Doina Cornea, Vasile Paraschiv, Gabriel Andreescu, Ion Vianu, Claudiu Secasiu, Dinu Giurescu,...   (12 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Silly Boc
The PD (Democrat Party) leader Emil Boc tried yesterday to make up for his blunder a week ago, when he had proposed differentiated fiscal policy depending o personal income. Yesterday he accused the press of misinterpretation. As he couldn't explain why the Democrats voted for Vociulescu's law, Boc denied the normative document his party colleagues in the Senate had voted for.
Although a week before he was claiming the opposite, yesterday Boc said that the law...   (1 afisare)
Vladescu goes to meet IMF representatives in Washington
Romanian finance minister Sebastian Vladescu is to set out for Washington today. He is to attend the spring reunion of the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) in April 22-23. (...)
Graeme Justice, the IMF representative to Bucharest, has recently claimed that the IMF agreement with Romania is likely to be prolonged until next November. The agreement was signed in the spring of 2004 and it is up in July....   (1 afisare)
LATEST - In Brief
Bucharest under dust
The quantity of dust in Bucharest is more than 10 times larger than in the other European capital cities. One reason is that about 60% green spots in the city have been eliminated in the last 16 years, says Florin Vasiliu, vice president of the Environment Experts' Association. (...) He mentions pollution is one cause for the short lives Romanians lead, some of the shortest in Europe. (...) (Mediafax)   (4 afisari)
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