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  Nr. 3579 de marti, 21 martie 2006 
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Party-state mirrored under the rule of law
-- Motto: No criminal blackmail will ever bring me to silence.
Romania's approaching accession to the EU and the endless crises caused by president Traian Basescu's political initiatives have opened complex mechanisms in Romanian politics. Until learning what is actually happening inside PSD (the Social-Democrat Party), the largest party in Romania, we keep on wondering how the main political forces will calm down. But we can already notice the...   (2 afisari)
Olteanu is the first non-Communist president of the Chamber of Deputies
Liberal deputy Bogdan Olteanu, choice of the PNL (the National Liberal Party) - PD (the Democrat Party) Alliance, was elected president of the Chamber of Deputies after yesterday's secret voting. There were 196 votes for him. Social-Democrat candidate Valer Dorneanu got 88 votes and Conservative candidate Daniela Popa was elected by only 22 deputies.
The outcome shows as clear as possible that disputes inside PSD...   (5 afisari)
Ticu Dumitrescu sets conditions
Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu might quit presidency over CNSAS (the National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive), as he is angry that the Democrats have decided to no longer name Mircea Dinescu as member of CNSAS.Ticu Dumitrescu claims this decision to dump Dinescu and the Liberals taking over the latter mean that historian Stejarel Olaru will find no room in this team. Ticu Dumitrescu says PD (the Democrat Party) should have named Mircea...   (7 afisari)
PD elaborated national minorities' status again
-- Only 12 points unmodified
National minorities' status as elaborated by PD (the Democrat Party) was a document that did way with the main claim of UDMR (the Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania): cultural autonomy. The status was based on complex research by the Democrats. It described international norms on national minorities in detail.
The document caused hot dispute between PD and UDMR. The Democrats used it as argument for state division,...   (3 afisari)
Nastase's plans
Adrian Nastase is determined to resign from PSD (the Social-Democrat Party), but he doesn't know yet which party to join. Sources from PC (the Conservative Party) were saying yesterday that Nastase would join them, but the latter's allies were claiming he didn't make a final decision and he might as well choose to become an independent parliamentarian.
What is certain is that Nastase has been a person many people have been trying to reach these days, as they...   (4 afisari)
PSD gets ready to dump Iorgovan
PSD (the Social-Democrat party) decided to leave Antonie Iorgovan without political support. The Moral Integrity Commission of PSD is to decide tomorrow whether to expel the senator from the party or not.
Last week senator Antonie Iorgovan criticized Adrian Nastase and his allies, claiming that the ex president of the Chamber of Deputies was in the habit of choosing his allies on criteria such as homosexuality and masonry. Ilie Sarbu, Eugen...   (2 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Basescu's opinion is wanted
PSD (the Social-Democrat Party) has demanded Romanian president Traian Basescu to express opinion on political migration law as soon as possible and say if he is for promulgation or for appeal to the Constitutional Court.
PSD president Mircea Geoana, surprised that the issue hasn't been settled yet, has explained: "We want to demand the president either to deny or promulgate this law. This is actually about the Democratic Party, which the president...   (2 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Bribe connection
Prosecutors have charged Serban Mihailescu with bribe in hunting weapons of more than 250 million ROL. He ex secretary of Nastase's Cabinet got to be investigated by DNA (the National Anti-Corruption Department) because of his ex adviser Fanel Pavalache. Along with Miki the bribe-taker prosecutors are investigating Marian Bucur, owner of the Capse House, president of Hunters' Association and ally of Nastase.
Investigations started when Pavalache was arrested...   (8 afisari)
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