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Nastase thinks he is "the head on the tray"
Former executive president of PSD (the Social-Democrat Party) Adrian Nastase announced Tuesday night that he was quitting party position as well as official position as president of the Chamber of Deputies because of the no confidence vote from local PSD members. After the 9-hour meeting and the secret voting there were 36 votes against him and 16 for him.
Nastase outlined he would continue to be a member of PSD for now, but described the meeting...   (3 afisari)
Criminal connection
It was actually Nastase's cronies who wanted him out of PSD (the Social-Democrat Party) and rushed things. Mitrea, Hrebenciuc, Iliescu, Vanghelie, Oprisan and Geoana are those who pushed him to quit. Most of the people mentioned above are under investigations by the Prosecutors' Office. They are investigated in some difficult cases. There are cases against them that were closed, but they can be produced at any time, such as the ones on Vanghelie. Geoana and Hrebenciuc...   (4 afisari)
Mitrea and Hrebenciuc are those who plotted Nastase's fall. Hrenbenciuc summoned main PSD leaders and local party leaders to Marriott Hotel for explanations Tuesday morning.. In Tuesday evening's meeting, Mitrea insinuated that those leaders who were against kicking Nastase out might lose positions. During the 9-hour meeting in the Confort Hotel, Hrebenciuc, Vanghelie and Oprisan took local organization presidents out "to have a cigarette". When learning about the vote against...   (2 afisari)
Political analysts and politicians comment on Nastase's resignation
-- Zoe Petre, political analyst: "Things are far from calming down in PSD"
"It is hard to predict what will happen in PSD from now on. I believe things are far from calming down and Nastase's resignation is just the beginning. I think this resignation is an advantage to 3 people, although I don't know how it will be distributed. First there is Mircea Geoana, who was obviously disturbed by the presence of a too dynamic executive...   (12 afisari)
Democrats would go for a Liberal candidate
Nastase's resignation has taken Coalition parties by surprise. Yesterday the latter hadn't decided yet whether to have one common candidate to become president of the Chamber of Deputies or not. Last year they had agreed to have Liberal Bogdan Olteanu replace Nastase. But it seems the pact is not that certain now. The Liberals' partners in the Coalition want to take as much advantage as possible. (...)
In the morning the Democrats said they were...   (2 afisari)
Magyar bread
UDMR (the Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania) leader Marko Bela attended yesterday's event in Targu Secuiesc, celebrating the Day of Magyars from Everywhere. Marko Bela took this opportunity to ask the Magyars to stick together. He criticized those trying to make them split by means of proclamations and statements. He warned this was what the "mad" members of PRM ("Great Romania" Party) were after, as they were threatening to come down upon the County of Secui (Magyar-origin...   (10 afisari)
More EU pressure for international child adoption
Some MEPs are concerned about children abandoned in Romanian hospitals, about the treatment they get and about the life of the disabled in healthcare institutions. They are also worried about unsolved cases of international child adoption in Romania. Strasbourg officials talked about these issues in Tuesday evening's special session, with MEPs asking EU Commissioner for Enlargement Olli Rehn questions.
Olli Rehn was asked if he knew that...   (3 afisari)
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