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Political integrator or terminator?
The political project of the Democrat Party, secretly drawn by Traian Basescu, is extremely interesting. As fusion with the Liberals is obviously impossible, as least the way the Democrats want it, the only solution to maintain power in any case is an almost desperate attempt to turn into "a balloon group", as ZIUA was reporting yesterday. The objective is very precise: to attract by all means all people, politicians or representatives of public administration,...   (5 afisari)
SRI lies
SRI (the Romanian Secret Service) spokesman Marius Bercaru said yesterday that ever since March 2004 there had been no interception of phone calls on grounds of mandates from prosecutors because the mandate from judges had become compulsory in the meantime. Despite this statement, ZIUA has got a document showing the opposite: an ordinance from the Prosecutor's Office, signed by Ilie Botos, showing in October 2004 there was prosecutor mandate for interception.
The scandal on phone...   (1 afisare)
Public Ministry hosted secret information "fair"
Representatives of four media organizations met yesterday in front of the Prosecutor's Office building to protest against prosecutors' investigations on the leak of classified military information, with journalists Marian Garleanu and Sebastian Oancea charged. The Media Organization Convention, Press Monitor Agency-Academia Catavencu, the Independent Journalism Center and MediaSind Union arranged a secret information "fair." (...)
The attendants...   (2 afisari)
First step to establish presidential party
PPCD (the Popular Christian-Democrat Party) and UCS (the Social Christian Union) signed political agreement yesterday, according to which the former party assimilated the latter group. Leaders Gheorghe Ciuhandu and Florin Bejan explained: "This fusion of PPCD and UCS are a new stage in the process to unify Christian Democrat and popular forces in Romania." Due to fusion, PPCD is going to have 5 representatives in the Parliament.
The PPCD president...   (2 afisari)
Iliescu proposes change of PSD leaders
After being silent for a rather long time, Iliescu has started action with message that the leaders of PSD (the Social-Democrat Party) should change because the present ones are morally compromised in the electors' eye. On Tuesday evening, after the meeting of Bucharest Social-Democrats, Iliescu opined: "People's growing distrust in the left is because PSD and its leaders are morally compromised."
Iliescu's anger has emerged because the whole...   (1 afisare)
Boc got mandate to establish the Christian Democrat group
Democrat leader Emil Boc got mandate to coordinate the opening of talks with PPCD (the Popular Christian-Democrat Party) with view to the making of a Christian Democrat group. Adriean Videanu, executive president of PD (the Democrat Party), announced it yesterday. Videanu added: "I have to be honest and admit the first offer is for PPCD. This is why president Emil Boc has been given mandate to see to it. Emil Boc and Gheorghe Ciuhandu...   (1 afisare)
LATEST - In Brief
Gojdu issue troubles Romanian government
ZIUA has warned about the attempt of Romanian and Hungarians governments to share the properties Emanuil Gojdu left in his will to the Romanian Orthodox Church in Transylvania. They tried to do this by means of a "public" foundation established by a Hungarian-Romanian Agreement the two government heads signed. Deputies' juridical commission turned down the governmental ordinance and Romanian MPs decided to think about it again. Romanian...   (1 afisare)
LATEST - In Brief
Jewish associations against Wass Albert statue
"Elie Wiesel" National Institute for Research on the Romanian Holocaust has taken attitude against the statue of Hungarian war criminal Wass Albert placed in the city center of Odorheiul Secuiesc. The Center for Monitoring and Fighting Anti-Semitism in Romania, affiliated to the Anti Defamation League, demands Botos for measures with view to the statues portraying the Hortyst baron placed in Odorheiul Secuiesc, Regin and Lunca Muresului....   (4 afisari)      1 comentariu
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