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Bucharest officials are willing to collaborate for inquiry on CIA scandal
Bucharest officials want to collaborate with European institutions for investigations on CIA illegal operations in Europe. After writing to the Swiss ambassador to Bucharest, Liberal Norica Nicolai, president of the commission looking into CIA "black locations" in Romania, is heading the Parliament of Europe. The Liberal senator wrote to Josep Borrell, offering eventual collaboration with the recently made EU commission...   (6 afisari)
EU pressure on international child adoption
In yesterday's press conference held in Bucharest Baroness Emma Nicholson said authorities had to obey Law 273/2004 on international adoption of Romanian children, even if there was pressure from US authorities that children to be adopted by foreign families, on which procedures had started when the former legislation was still in use, should indeed be adopted.
Emma Nicholson outlined that solutions to the 1,100 cases of adoption relying on...   (14 afisari)
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Miron Cozma stays behind bars
On Friday magistrates in the Timis Court admitted the canceling appeal of the Prosecutor's Office in Timisoara on decision to set Miron Cozma free on condition and turned down request to free the ex leader of coal miners on condition. (...)
Miron Cozma may restart such initiative to be released on condition after June 1. He may come with new solicitation, which would call for new expertise and new commission to reach verdict. (Adrian PANDURU -...   (9 afisari)
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Nicolaescu's fight of bird flu
The Romanian Health Ministry has elaborated order on a special system to watch, prevent and control the emergence of human bird flu cases, given the present epidemiological context, the bird flu evolution in Turkey and eventual pandemic. Health minister Eugen Nicolaescu informs several state institutions have signed protocol on citizens' protection: the Transport Ministry, the Interior Ministry, the National Customs Authority and the National Sanitary...   (14 afisari)
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I deny Satan!
Today Romanian president Traian Basescu is becoming godfather of Catalina-Mihaela Dumitrache, the baby girl of a couple whose household was damaged in floods. The religious ritual calls for the godfather to utter "I deny Satan, all his things, all his servants and all his vanity!" thrice, with his face towards the east. Traian Basescu is taking the oaths in front of priests, His Holiness Casian, Episcope of Dunarea de Jos, one of them. The president promised to be...   (7 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
New projects on SRR and SRTV
The group of members from the Liberal-Democrat Alliance coordinated by Liberal Raluca Turcanu and Democrat Valentin Iliescu, author of a new law project on the activity and structure of SRTV (the Romanian Public Television Network) and SRR (the Romanian Public Radio Network), decided after yesterday's meeting with culture minister Adrian Iorgulescu to present the document to the Alliance's Council for Coordination next week. Raluca Turcan mentioned...   (11 afisari)
Bela alludes to preventing Democrats from accession to EPP
UDMR (the Democrat Union of Hungarians in Romania) really wants PD (the Democrat Party) to become full member of EPP (the European People's Party), but the Democrats must revise their attitude at the national minorities' status, insisted UDMR leader Marko Bela yesterday. He warned: "We are interested in the Democrats' full membership to the EPP, but they have to change their approach to the law project on national minorities'...   (1 afisare)
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