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  Nr. 3354 de marti, 21 iunie 2005 
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Romania is willing to renounce billions from the EU
President Traian Basescu thinks EU is "an idea more about peace and less about money"
Romanian President Traian Basescu opined yesterday that the EU states' approach to the EU budget was "unfair" and that Romania should have the same attitude as the 10 new states that have recently joined the EU. The 10 new states said: "If you the great and old members don't reach agreement, then we are ready to cut down on the budget so that...   (2 afisari)
Encouragement from Great Britain
Ambassador of Great Britain to Bucharest Quinton Quayle insinuated yesterday in his press statement following his meeting with Romanian President Traian Basescu that financial disputes inside the EU would not affect the EU enlargement process. Quinton Quayle stated: "I have had a meeting with Mr. President. I have explained to him the British position in the European Council in Brussels. Of course the European Council was difficult, but I am glad...   (3 afisari)
Dan Ciachir: "The Episcope of Husi is responsible too"
Dan Ciachir is a well-known writer, as well as an analysts and expert in theology. He claims that it is the very Episcope of Husi who is greatly responsible for the nun killed in "The Holy Trinity". In his interview to ZIUA Dan Ciachir explains that the tragedy that took place in the Tanacu monastery is consequence of no criteria to select monks and even priests.
Rep.: Do you think the Episcope of Husi is in any way responsible...   (14 afisari)
Devils' show
During a religious service in "The Holy Trinity", the murderer priest from Tanacu set exorcisation to muffle the tragedy. Although the Episcopy had forbidden him to lead religious service, Daniel Corogeanu did it in the sect manner. At a certain moment the mother of one of the nuns who killed nun Irina had a fit and started crying out. But the murdered took "action" and "drove away" all devils from inside the woman in 45 minutes. About 300 churchgoers raised hands,...   (3 afisari)
Presidency suggests no members for TVR and SRR leading boards
Presidential Administration announced that it would not suggest members for the administration councils of TVR (the Romanian Public Television Network) and SRR (the Romanian Public Radio Network). The decision reached the presidents of the two Parliament Chambers yesterday. President Traian Basescu explained: "This refusal is because the two institutions have been under the powerful influence of the political factor and to avoid...   (1 afisare)
PSD presented motion to sack government
-- Government attacked in Parliament
PSD (the Social Democrat Party) presented yesterday in front of the two Parliament Chambers the sacking motion text titled "The Government's Dictatorship and Incompetence against Romania's European Integration." 133 senators and deputies signed the document. The PSD initiative has got no support from PMs in the coalition at rule, but it enjoys support from members of PRM ("Great Romania" Party). PSD is...   (2 afisari)
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