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Wandering son is looking for Iosif Constantin Dragan
Motto: "Before becoming history and even before taking place, a lot of major events are prepared in laboratories"
Sensational mystery story is about to show its dramatic face as well. Ever since 1996, a young man of almost 30 has in vain been trying to meet his father, who has completely vanished from public life for more than two years now. The father's name is Iosif Constantin Dragan and he is the wealthiest...   (155 afisari)
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Declaration of the Day
PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu
"I don't think we should take up the replacing (of secret service heads) at all costs. I believe state institutions such as the secret services must first of all work under no political influence. They are supposed to serve the state, but not party interests. On my opinion, in the past these services did not prove complete objectivity, although on the other hand there are lots of documents showing the secret serviced informed on the activity of...   (6 afisari)
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Ukraine admitted and Romania rejected for talks on Transdnistria crisis
EU special envoy to the Republic of Moldavia Adrian Jacobovits de Szeged fully supports the Ukrainian plan on ending Transdnistria crisis and believes Romania is not needed as partner for ending crisis. The EU official stated: "I think we must provide support to the Ukrainian plan. Ukraine's active involvement in ending this crisis is positive and it needs support". The plan presented by Ukrainian President Yushchenko...   (3 afisari)
SRI Commission questions Radu Timofte
-- Timofte blames PNA in the case of Hayssam
Liberal senator Radu Stroe, Chair of the Commission for Parliamentary Control on SRI (the Romanian Secret Service Activity) stated yesterday that PNA (the National Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office) was much guilty for the echoes of the hostage crises, as in 2004 PNA had issued no permits to intercept the phone calls of Syrian businessman Omar Hayssam. Stroe said: "PNA is at great fault in this case". He stated...   (8 afisari)
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