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Parties' corruption dance
Motto: "Before becoming history and even before taking place, a lot of major events are prepared in laboratories"
In case we need one more proof of corruption, here we have it: In Romania, corruption starts from parties and then goes from top to toe. The report elaborated by the Court of Accounts has been commented in newspapers, ZIUA one of them. It provides us with only one proof of tacit, guilty agreement of the main parties....   (1 afisare)
Was V-Day a true liberation for Eastern and Central Europe?
Victory Day, May 9th, was celebrated with massive demonstrations, concerts and parades all over Russia. On the 60th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, Russians remembered their heroes and the so-called liberation of Europe. TV stations all over the country broadcasted anniversary shows inviting war veterans dressed in Stalin-era uniforms. President Putin also pardoned hundreds of convicts that fought in...   (1 afisare)
Anti Hitler-Stalin Pact and for a new Yalta conference
You can sign petition to be sent to the President and Parliament of Romania, as well as to USA, EU, German, Russian and Ukrainian officials at www.petitiononline.com/CivicAct/
Moscow presented on 9th May 2005 a Soviet style celebrations of victory against Nazi Germany. But many Europeans considered that the phrase "Stalin liberated Europe" lacks its continuation "and imposed the communist rule in the Eastern Europe". Hitler-Stalin...   (2 afisari)
Moscow refuses to stop Transdnistria crisis
-- Kiev and Tyraspol want to disallow Bucharest officials' participation in negotiations @ Tomorrow Stephan Minikes, US Ambassador to OSCE, will talk exclusively to ZIUA on local challenges
"Rusia la zi" Agency quoted Russian Ambassador saying Russia does not think it necessary to add new sides to the present participants in negotiations on Transdnistria. The Russian official stated it after Tuesday's Ukrainian negotiations on Transdnistria conflict,...   (2 afisari)
Health Ministry in stand-by
Representatives of the Executive and medicine providers will go on with talks and search for solution to pay debts within the system. This time those hospitals and chemist's centers that are in keeping with contract limits, that is about 55% of the total number of units, will continue to be provided with medicine.
On Tuesday evening Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu had a meeting with representatives of the medicine distributors and importers' association....   (2 afisari)
Nastase is worried about Justice reform
Yesterday Adrian Nastase, President of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies, sent a letter to Franco Fratini, Vice president of the European Commission. The Deputy Chamber's Press Department has provided us with the information. In his letter Nastase is asking Fratini to express opinion on the solutions to change the Justice system propounded by Romanian Ministress of Justice Monica Macovei. The letter mentions "in case they are special requests from the...   (1 afisare)
Boc attends ESP reunion
Interim president of PD (the Democrat Party) Emil Boc is attending the reunion of ESP (the European Socialist Party) reunion today in Paris. They are likely to take up possibility to provide Romanian and Bulgarian social-democrat parties with status of ESP full right member. PD press release says that change of ESP observer status of social-democrats parties in Romania and Bulgaria into full rights members will effect from the two states signing EU Accession Treaties....   (1 afisare)
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