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Let's join PCR, fellows!
Motto: "Before becoming history and even before taking place, a lot of major events are prepared in laboratories"
A very serious question is crossing my mind: how come nobody has so far had the initiative to recall former owners of red membership cards under the flag of the Communist Party and presently name the latter conservatory or popular? How come this has not happened till now, in spite of the shrewd Romanians' tendency to...   (9 afisari)
Romania occupied rather than "liberated"
-- Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mihai Razvan Ungureanu: May...
Yesterday ZIUA published an article written by His Excellency Aleksandr Tolkaci, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Bucharest, which has caused reactions. His Excellency's article denied thesis that "the liberation of countries from fascism did not bring freedom, but occupation, for which present Russian should apologize." Here are some of the numerous comments we have been sent.   (1 afisare)
Professor Gheorghe Buzatu: Hitler-Stalin Pact reloaded
The Russian Ambassador's explanations have stirred my interest. Except for some true observations, these explanations are rather political and historical reproaches brought today to national states and governments that neither during the 1939-1945 world war nor at present have agreed to the policy used by the USSR force that collapsed and hence to the Russian imperialist policy.
The context had missed the fact that the world war started...   (3 afisari)
   (2 afisari)
PD is to choose either the Socialist or the Popular doctrine
The National Convention of PD (the Democrat Party) must decide on the party's doctrine so that to make clear affiliation to a group from the Parliament of Europe. PSD (the Social-Democrat Party) leaders are sure that by the end of June they will become full right members of ESP (the European Socialist Party). The ESP leaders' reunion due in May 18-19 in Paris is to be attended by Emil Boc, interim president of PD. They are to...   (1 afisare)
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