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Current scenarios
The Alliance has got some silence before the storm
Motto: "Before becoming history and even before taking place, a lot of major events are prepared in laboratories"
Nastase is threatening he will break the silence in two days' time. But in the meantime he keeps on drawing personnel lists, choosing those he would like to rule local PSD (the Social - Democrat Party) organizations. This means he is taking action. It might be a warning, showing the PSD leader...   (1 afisare)
Basescu in Chirac's arms
-- France provides Romania's accession to EU with full support
On Thursday evening in Poland Romanian president Traian Basescu had an unscheduled meeting with Jacques Chirac, president of France. This way the famous French diplomacy managed to interfere in plans on high level meetings of the British - American - Romanian "line". The Romanian president was supposed to have a first reunion with British PM Tony Blair, Western supporter of new Romania. Now because of...   (3 afisari)
Basescu is in no conflict with public authorities
Yesterday the Constitutional Court decided that President Traian Basescu is in no juridical conflict with public authorities. This way the Court replied to an information material sent three weeks before by Adrian Nastase, President of the Chamber of Deputies. The latter informed the Constitutional Court on grounds of paragraph e), article 46 in the Constitution and articles 34-36 in Law no. 47/ 1992 on the structure of the Constitutional...   (1 afisare)
   (1 afisare)
Government has to obey IMF
-- @ IMF (the International Monetary Fund) asked the government to raise accises on gasoline, tobacco and alcoholic drinks above the set level in July 1 @ In the summer the price of gasoline might reach 34,000 ROL/ 1 liter
At midyear the price of gasoline might reach 34,000 ROL/ 1 liter, as the accisses will be raised higher than the set level. This is meant to meet IMF requests to insure budget income. Such information has been provided by Mediafax. The government...   (2 afisari)
Romania is privileged player on the greenhouse gas market
Although Romania has got serious problems with environment protection, it is considered to be one main player in the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol. In a study published by PointCarbon, (Norwegian organization for research on the emission of gases with greenhouse effect,) and Vertis Environmental Finance (financial consulting group) Romania is the main state providing transferable permits on the market of carbon dioxide....   (7 afisari)
Scheele unveils Oprisan's misinformation
Communique by the European Commission Delegation specifies that Jonathan Scheele, Head European Commission Delegation to Bucharest, did not criticize "the new rulers" regarding transparency and mass - media access to information during his recent visit to Vrancea, although "Monitorul de Vrancea" newspaper reported so.
The above mentioned source says: "His statements referred to the transparency of Romanian administration as general problem...   (1 afisare)
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