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  Nr. 3182 de vineri, 26 noiembrie 2004 
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Current scenarios
The domino principle
Motto: "Before becoming history and even before taking place, a lot of major events are prepared in laboratories"
For Ukraine, the history break is now up, in one way or another. After almost 15 years of oscillating between Western and Russian interests, Ukraine has hardly managed to identity and make use of its own advantages, but sometimes in a counter...   (3 afisari)
The Lesson about Freedom
President Bush's vision of a free, democratic Iraq -- and its potential to usher in historic change in the region -- has been met in some corners with skepticism.
The skeptics should focus on the president's visit to Chile this past weekend and his meetings with Latin American leaders. They would be able to observe the powerful draw of freedom. They also would see a remarkable success story in a region that only a short time ago was plagued...   (5 afisari)
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Ukraine Democrat Opposition asks neighbors for solidarity
-- Civic Media and Pro-Democracy Association joined the appeal that Yuliya Tymoshenko sent exclusively to ZIUA
Yesterday Civic Media Association joined the action of the Democrat Opposition in Ukraine and asked the Romanian civil society for similar reaction. Yuliya Tymoshenko is one of the leaders of the anti - Communist move in the Independence Square in Kiev. Yesterday she sent an appeal to ZIUA via Project Syndicate. She was asking...   (2 afisari)
"Piata Universitatii" in Kiev
Yesterday it was the fourth day that the pro - Democrats protested in Kiev, as well as in Eastern Ukraine. The protest turned out to be rather long. It resembles the "Piata Universitatii" event in Bucharest. Hundred thousand Ukrainians were in the Independence Square in Kiev yesterday, asking officials led by president Leonid Kuchma to annul the fake elections held on Saturday. This way the Ukrainians are showing that are against their state's bias on Moscow....   (2 afisari)
Infamous revealing
Yesterday Nati Meir, Vadim Tudor's Foreign Affairs Councilor, issued a press release. He claims he possess a video tape filmed in Bucharest and showing the homosexual tendencies of Adrian Natase, PSD (the Social - Democrat party) candidate running for presidency. Meir also claims that some months ago "an important PSD member" asked him to take action an compromise Theodor Stolojan, President of the PNL (the National Liberal Party) - PD (the Democrat Party) Alliance by...   (12 afisari)
Silencing the press
-- ZIUA, Academia Catavencu and Evenimentul Zilei bought by bulks
Rulers get the creeps at PSD stenograms published
Just two days before elections, the ruling party is trying to silence the press and buys the main central publications by bulks so that they would not reach people. This happens against the background of a more and more aggressive campaign, as the press published the stenograms of informal discussions among PSD (the Social - Democrat Party) leaders in BEC...   (10 afisari)
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ZIUA readers know whom they will vote for
As you very well know, every day ZIUA asks a question of general interest at www.ziua.ro. The question refers to the event of the day. About 800 readers read this question every day. As ZIUA is a political newspaper, most questions refer to politics, which Romanians are keen on. Having this in mind, we have decided to provide you with a selection of political questions and answers in the last three months, We are reminding you that you can...   (4 afisari)
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