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2007-02-02 22:52:49

Global warming....

Scientists came to the undeniable conclusion that there is a global warming. So the president of the United States called a group of scientists from the USA and from foreign countries, to come to a top secret meeting with him. So the scientists from America were seated on one side of the room, the foreign, on the other side.
So the president comes to the podium and announces: I have a plan to which I expect every country in the world to participate financially. The plan is, to build a giant air conditioner, made of solar panels laid out all offer the oceans on barges, and the energy gathered by them, to be beamed out with microwaves and lasers into the space, on the other side of earth.
There was a deadly silence in the room, and after the president left the room, there were only wow ! wow ! wow ! that could be heard from the American scientists side. So one of the foreign scientists got some courage and yelled to the American scientists "What are you all wow-ing about, you idiots !?"
To which one of the American scientist answered…" Wow ! We wonder who does the yearly obligatory psychiatric evaluation of the president ?"....

2007-02-03 21:35:21

American super technology...

American scientists discovered a new construction material that is lighter then stirofoam, and stronger then Titanium.
So they decided to build something with it, specifically, a foundation for a statue of president Bush. So they hold a meeting, and roll in a super computer that can calculate designs to 100 decimal point precision, and start the discussions;
First proposal, let's build a statue 100 m tall. So they start up the super computer, and the answer comes up, and the engineer says, no that's no good, too heavy.
So the second proposal, let's build a statue 80 m tall. Again, the answer comes out and the engineer said, that's no good, it's too heavy.
So finally someone makes the proposal to make it 50 m tall. The computer hums for a while, and the answer comes out, and the engineer says, that's fine, but make sure no pigeon lands on his shoulder....

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