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Davidescu vasile
2007-01-20 17:29:25

A ghost frightens venalities of Romania: The Attorney General.

Still I do not saw to us, from the times of fascist iron-guard or from the ommunist totalitarian so incites outburst of hatred against the corrupt against Godfather from Romania, and particulary top-level corrupted.
Newspaper ZIUA as ideological expression of the oligarches, from who timorous tried take part and the foster talented in journalistic application,SRS becoming platform of hatred extremistic and corrupted.
Such.such as stand well of a lier, he calls up firstly to some international ONG(Non Guvernamental Oganisations) the which faces condemns on Mrs. Macovei for her attracted moods speaking, attention defendant as the decently to talk about justice.

As he is argumentasoc of lier Damian proves us the bold character of the letters across half from inutilul feature.
He don't. calls to mind esteemed EU(European Union) which talked proudly about on Mrs. Macovei but of a foreigh countries ONG ( expect as don't from Cuba or Rusia), whom trend I don't know it but as the is blent where don't boiled his pot,is clear thing as the daylight.

The faces, boils international press wherethrough Monica did her comments.
As Basescu, she is due to shuts up and to sharpen the pencils, in while his thriveing corruptions. She has no the laws of every citizen of her title to opinion, but just SRS.

No more, the newspaperman already penat one,went to law against Monica wherethrough in communist or legionary dictatorship nobody critical the legion, the captain and Party.
What beautiful country imto we live if he,who indict the in law courts indicts on minister of the justice from what did arrived at the law court.
The faces don't are respected the presumption of guilelessness again certainly his process of SRS is a parody a politics, although I would say as rather the subject is desperate and if he takes demolishing of MRS. Macovei believes as shall drop, therefore believing as found out the fish-country across.
The appeal of the author as the is rape the liberty of the press is ridiculous, even if ace brings as the argument a full of newsstand gazete of all politic colors, with sprockets and critics of everybody and take possesionthing in Ziua which is used for the defence extremists and the oligarches show us as these have right, just more than must.
Resort always to some foreign name, to different foreign organisations dieing of valentine romanian corrupts novels show same kowtow to the foreigh countries, or else apprehend they as the novels burn believes else easy the doughnut,, for don't such I do alike their forerunners, legionaries( filogermans) and the communists( filosovietics).
To swear Mr. SRS if hr cannot writes anyz in Ziua gift in conversely any is published on his newspaper net of the newspaper is pitiless censored but that is legionary or Pnl-ist. Don't somehow this he is an attempt on a liberty of the press?
As to Civic Media Asociations Mr. Roncea, long ago explained us as except civic isn't but partinic and extremist wherethrough don't appear on nobody which is humiliated but just the sprocket PNL the si of legionary extremism.

On all united the hatred against Basescu, Macovei, DIIOT, prosecuting and any another organ which fight for justice as don't drop oligarches and their servants.
The changing of the penal code of to Monica Macovei burn block the reporters activity , here the absurd peak.

There is about of the freedom stole, insult, minds are elemental for oligarches and their organs of press, although I believe as just are right.

The explanations 0f Mrs. Macovei don't quiet on oligarches and no has no how, here are the opposite and totals conceptions about justice.
Roumanian ONG , all the same of name am organisations of 2-3 peoples did all the lobby for oligarches.
To try a poor roumanian people to addresse to these organisations( how I did I) and he shall see as as a matter of fact alone their job is all different oligarchies ,extremist influential from out. Answered of Mrs. Macovei drp as a guillotine across oligarches: all the criticisms to address of normative law ,adequate papers of the by-pathes diminished the confidence the prosecutors, doesn't than to consolidate the worry AMP, I carry believes as the signification of the caution of the part from argue used traditional of the opponents of the democracy of the in of their attempt discouraged the criticism of the abuses can. The access of the prosecutors to the informal systems without mandate is permited merely in the limits which in the investigator uses a list an electronic communication, don't and contained these.
As a matter of fact all the verbiage of newspaper Ziua has an alone aim, fear as the most recent declarations ale minister Monica Macovei against daily aganst newpaper ZiuaY and newspaperman Sorin Rosca Stanescu to don't show true the girl of the oligarchy of the extremist from Romania

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