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nellu din Sharon City (...@012.net.il, IP: 84.229.228...)
2009-11-10 18:23
o datorie lul dorinP & Co poate si lui Z.O.

Probabil ca fortele aeriene si terestre din Saudia au citit comunicatul Agerpres ca de 3 zile scalda pe "fratii" lor din Yemen cu armament bazat pe fosfor.Au invatat ceva de la verii lor care au folosit acelasi echipament in Gaza .Mai toti spera sa invete si de la Putin cum se deratizeaza teritorii (Cecenia) de teroristi (pardon militanti pentru eliberare.....).

Yemen rebels say Saudi jets using phosphorus bombs

Sanaa (AFP) Nov 9, 2009
Shiite rebels in northern Yemen caught between a deadly government onslaught and air raids from across the border on Monday alleged Saudi warplanes were using phosphorus bombs against them.
"The Saudi air raids resumed this morning. Saudi combat fighter jets launched intense raids against border areas inside Yemeni territory on Sunday night," rebel spokesman Mohammad Abdessalam told AFP by telephone.

"The Saudi military used phosphorus bombs during those night raids, burning mountainous regions."

A Saudi government adviser who asked not to be named rejected the claim, saying what the rebels saw was merely flares.

Abdessalam said the raids targeted Malaheez, seven kilometres (3.8 miles) inside Yemen, as well as the border villages of Hassameh and Shida and several villages around Jebel al-Dukhan mountain which straddles the border.

But Saudi aircraft could not defeat the group's fighters who "do not have fixed positions," the rebel spokesman said.

"We are still present in Jebel al-Dukhan," he said, denying allegations Riyadh has taken control of the inhospitable mountainous area. "We expect a ground attack."

Saudi authorities insist attacks by their forces are limited to targeting rebel locations inside Saudi territory.

The rebels on Monday posted a video on the Internet of a man it said was a Saudi prisoner, together with his ID which they said was issued by Saudi security forces.

The man, named as Corporal Ahmed Abdullah Mohammed al-Amri, 27, is a member of special forces based in Tabouk, northern Saudi Arabia, according to the video on a website used by the rebels.

The man, looking weary and speaking in a faint voice, is shown receiving treatment for facial injuries in the video, whose authenticity could not be independently confirmed.

The rebels have said they are holding several Saudis, while Riyadh's deputy defence minister Prince Khaled bin Sultan said four soldiers were missing but had not been captured.

The Saudi government adviser denied the charges that Saudi military used phosphorous munitions against the rebels. "We used flares, not phosphorus," he told AFP.

He also said the kingdom is scaling back its assaults on the rebels, of whom it says it has captured 200 or more.

"The actual heavy shelling of the area is all finished," he added. "There are now tactical units deployed there. We want to make sure they (the rebels) are neutralised."

The Saudi cabinet on Monday stressed the kingdom would not "tolerate any violation of the sovereignty of its territory," in a statement issued at the end of its weekly meeting.

According to a provisional Saudi toll, three soldiers and four other Saudis have now been killed in the fighting.

In Paris, the French foreign ministry, meanwhile, condemned any violation of Saudi sovereignty and called for a political settlement to the conflict in Yemen.

Prince Khaled, the Saudi deputy defence minister, said the kingdom's army had "purged the mountains on the Saudi side" of the border, and that it "did not cross and will not cross the Yemeni frontier."

The Saudi adviser said Saudi authorities are holding "large numbers" of Huthi fighters. "We are counting in the hundreds the fighters who have given themselves up," he said.

Riyadh has said it launched reprisals against the Yemen-based Zaidi rebels also known as Huthis after they attacked Jebel al-Dukhan, killing one Saudi border guard and wounding 11 others.

The rebels have also accused the Sanaa military of using phosphorus bombs in its Operation Scorched Earth, launched on August 11 against their stronghold in the country's northern province of Saada.

Sanaa says its forces do not possess such weapons in their arsenal.

Phosphorous bombs burst into flames on contact with oxygen. Under international law, white phosphorus is banned for use near civilians because it can cause severe burns, but it is permitted for creating a smokescreen.

For the second consecutive day, the Yemeni army on Monday did not give details about military operations along the Saudi border.

The rebels said in a statement on their website earlier the same day that the Yemeni army had attacked their positions in Harf Sufyan, around their Saada stronghold.


nellu din Sharon City (...@012.net.il, IP: 84.229.228...)
2009-11-10 18:26
Re: o datorie lul dorinP & Co poate si lui Z.O.

nellu din Sharon City (...@012.net.il, IP: 84.229.228...)
2009-11-10 18:33
Re: o datorie lul dorinP & Co poate si lui Z.O. continuare

Yemen rebels get arms from Iran via Eritrea: opposition
Addis Ababa
(AFP) Nov 8, 2009

Iran is using Eritrea as a base to provide weapons to Shiite insurgents in Yemen, an Eritrean opposition leader alleged Sunday. "They (rebels) are receiving their arms from Iran through Eritrea," Bashir Eshaq, head of external relations for the opposition Eritrean Democratic Alliance, told AFP in an interview. "The weapons arrive in Eritrea's coastal towns -- mainly Assab, and from then onwards, Huthi rebels smuggle the arms to Yemen at night," he added. Eritrea lies just across the Red Sea to the west of Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The Horn of Africa nation has frosty relations with the west, but has recently fostered close economic ties with Iran.

Sanaa routinely accuses Tehran's Shiite regime of backing the insurgents, a charge the insurgents deny. Yemeni authorities announced last month they had seized five Iranian nationals on a boatload of weapons destined for the rebels, but Iranian state-owned television dismissed the allegations as a "media lie." Fighting escalated over the weekend as the rebels claimed gains against government troops. The rebels said Sunday they had downed a Yemeni combat aircraft on the Saudi border and captured several Saudi soldiers after the neighbouring state entered the fray earlier in the week by stepping up bombing raids against rebel positions. Yemen's armed forces launched Operation Scorched Earth on August 11, aimed at crushing the Zaidi rebels who have waged an insurgency since 2004. Hundreds of people have been killed or wounded in the clashes, and tens of thousands have been forced to flee their homes, resulting in a humanitarian crisis complicated by a dire shortage of food and other basic necessities.


nellu din Sharon City (...@012.net.il, IP: 84.229.228...)
2009-11-10 18:35
Re: o datorie lul dorinP & Co poate si lui Z.O. continuare

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