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iobagul roman din Florida (...@aol.com, IP: 24.214.177...)
2009-07-06 20:32
avetzi grija miine pe 7-iulie, ca s-ar putea sa fie o mare eruptzie solara

Solar Storm on July 7 Predicted by Crop Circle
I'm open-minded, but unconvinced that crop circles are anything but a distraction created by the armed forces using futuristic weapons. Usually the circles are just complex images that can be decoded by folk well-versed in science, myth and esoteric arts. This one stands out because it seems to predict something that orthodox science has not predicted (to my knowledge...) - a solar storm on July 7th of this year, a couple of days from now.

The circle just looks like a jellyfish. However it has 7 circles in its tail, and 7 tentacles = July 7th. And on that date there will be a penumbral lunar eclipse. It can be seen rising over Australia after sunset on July 7, and setting over the west of North and South America just before the dawn of July 7.

Earth changes researchers tend to associate earthquakes, tsunamis etc with astrological phenomena like full moons and eclipses. And lo and behold, a solar storm makes our magnetosphere look like a... jellyfish!

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