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iobagul roman din Florida (...@aol.com, IP: 24.214.177...)
2009-07-06 20:26
a fost pusa cioara pt.ca nu poate sa gindeasca decit gidat,precum papetzii,el n-a auzit de georgia

din sua
dar apai de gruzinia,de unde se trag sefii lui forte,o gasca de vampiri,care nu se pot oprii nicicum(ca lipitorile)din supt singe
De aia nici reporterii nu au gasit cuvinte sa relateze marea revolutzie din tibilisi,cind sute de civili au fost scaldatzi in singe==un nume nu a putut fi cules,nici macar o poza,exact ca acum in pakista,honduras=tacere=parca daca mai ai un pic de creier chiar si cit o gaina,de duce imediat cu gindul la o conspiratzie;;
The powerful conspirators are made up largely of the international bankers, and the Illuminati, which is a super-rich organization, which controls the mainstream media, workforce, education system, companies, banks, energy supplies and governments. They are controlled by the richest people in the world such as the super-rich Rothschild and Rockefeller families. They also hide behind many organizations such as the United Nations, the WTO and the Council on Foreign relations.
There is also a Jesuit-Vatican connection, planning the merging of many faiths into the apostate one world church which will serve Satan. The New Age movements are also part of the plan.
To gain full control of the world's money would mean full control over everyone, especially those in debt. This is exactly what the international bankers conspiracy is doing. Every government is in debt to them. This debt is increasing. Personal debt is very widespread and increasing. Hence almost everyone is in debt. Wasteful spending, borrowing and debt are encouraged. Therefore people and governments are becoming increasingly in the bankers control, as they have to pay interest, which the bankers can manipulate to their will.

Governments are forced to sell assets, lose sovereignty, and place citizens in poverty to repay their debt.

The conspirators are privatising, buying and controlling government assets.

The conspirators bribe governments with political donations.

They gain ownership of land through world heritage, which is then miss-managed and restricted.

Things that prove a trend towards a one world government include; a rising amount of globalization, free trade, privatization, foreign investment, mergers, international organizations, debt, international problems that need an international solution and peace agreements that give false security.

Perhaps the greatest conspiracy is to distract us from the truth, so that we will lose money and property to the powerful conspirators, who corruptly monopolize wealth and power, and gain more power as a result.
Instead of using most of our time or money to fight the powerful by learning and sharing the truth, we are deceived into trying to keep and make more money than we really need, so that we will lose it to the powerful.
A common control measure is to deceive the majority that the purpose of life is to spend most of your time to make money, and spend it on unnecessary things. The conspirators deceive people that making excessive money is easy and profitable, despite the fact that the majority of small businesses go bankrupt. Suitable paid work is very hard to find.

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