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Radu Ioan din New York City, NY (...@yahoo.com, IP: 80.96.72...)
2006-06-07 10:40
DECIZIA privind Independenta KOSOVO era deja luata de SUA si UE



It is the conviction of the Alliance that independence is not only
what the overwhelming majority of the people of Kosovo themselves want; but it is also the single route that can lead to an open, democratic society - one that can bring greater stability and economic revival to the entire region and ensure the rights of minorities. The future of an independent Kosovo may not be easy, but only through independence can a more hopeful future begin.

The activities of the Alliance are informed and supported by its
Board of Advisors, individuals from the U.S.A. and international diplomatic corps, military, academia, and non-governmental communities.


1. Janusz Bugajski, Director of the CSIS Eastern Europe Project .
Janusz Bugajski is Director of the Eastern Europe Project of the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), known for its research, analysis, and development of policy initiatives on defense and security, global trends, and regions. Formerly a senior research analyst for Radio Free Europe in Munich, Mr. Bugajski has worked as a consultant on East European affairs for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Department of Defense, the International Republican Institute (IRI), the Free Trade Union Institute (AFL-CIO), the International Research and Exchange Board, and BBC television.

2. Hon. Frank Carlucci, former U.S.A. Secretary of Defense.
Frank Charles Carlucci III served as U.S. Secretary of Defense from 1987 to 1989. Prior to this position, Mr. Carlucci held the positions of National Security Advisor (1986-87), Deputy Defense Secretary (1981-86), Deputy Director of the CIA (1978-81), U.S. Ambassador to Portugal (1974-77), undersecretary of Health, Education and Welfare (1972-74), and first associate director and deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget (1971-72). In addition to his public service career, Mr. Carlucci is Chairman Emeritus of both Nortel Networks and the Carlyle Group. He also is affiliated with distinguished think tanks including the Rand Corporation (a member of it Board of Trustees) and Project for the New American Century.

3. Robert Carr, Former Member of U.S.A. House of Representatives.
Milton Robert Carr served 18 years in the United States House of Representatives, representing the Lansing, Michigan, area 1975-1981 and 1983-1995. During his Congressional career, Mr. Carr was Democratic Whip-at-Large, Chairman of the Transportation and Vice-Chairman of the Science, State, Justice, and Commerce Subcommittees of the House Appropriations Committee. He also served on the House Armed Services, Judiciary, and Interior and Insular Affairs Committees.

4. Hon. Fred F. Fielding, Esq., former Counsel to the President of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan.
Fred F. Fielding has earned the honor of being named one of the "Best Lawyers in America" by Corporate Counsel magazine, a "Legend in the Law" by the District of Columbia Bar, and 2004 "Lawyer of the Year" by the Bar Association of the District of Columbia. A partner with Wiley, Rein & Fielding LLP, Mr. Fielding served as Counsel to the President of the United States during the Reagan Administration (1981-86), and as Deputy Counsel and Associate Counsel during the Nixon Administration. His career-long service to the United States has included commissions with the nation's 9/11 Commission and the President's Commission on Federal Ethics Law Reform. Mr. Fielding also served as Clearance Counsel on the Bush-Cheney Presidential Transition.

5. Lt. General Robert Gard (U.S. Army-retired), former President of National Defense University.
Robert G. Gard, Jr., served the U.S. Army for 31 years beginning in 1950. During these years, his command positions included Commander of the 145th Field Artillery and 734th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalions; Executive Assistant to the Secretary of Defense; and Commanding General of Fort Rod, CA, the 7th Infantry Division, and the US Army Personnel Center. In 1977, Mr. Gard accepted a position as President of the National Defense University in Washington. In 2004, Mr. Gard ended eleven years as President of the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

6. Ambassador Walter Stadtler, former European Advisor, USUN; Vice President, of National Defense University, USA.
William E. Stadtler served as a career officer in the United States Foreign Service for more than three decades. He was assigned to London, Bonn, Stockholm, Cotonou, Addis Ababa, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Washington, and was European Adviser at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. In 1990, Ambassador Stadtler was appointed Vice President of the National Defense University (NDU) in Washington, D.C. He subsequently was assigned as Senior Fellow in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, where he was responsible for advising on critical issues including Somalia, Bosnia, and Haiti. In 1993, he was appointed head of the Department of Defense Task Force on Somalia to conduct high level negotiations on Somali peacekeeping. Both at NDU and the Pentagon, he has conducted negotiations with ministers of foreign governments and advised representatives of new democracies. Ambassador Stadtler recently organized conflict prevention and peacekeeping conferences in Nepal, Indonesia, and Mongolia.

7. Ambassador William Walker, former Special Representative of the UN in Eastern Slavonia, Croatia, and leader of the Kosovo Verification Mission.
William G. Walker is a thirty-eight year veteran of the Foreign Service. From October 1998 through June 199, Ambassador Walker was Head of the Kosovo Verification Mission, a peacekeeping effort (1400 international and 1500 local staff) mounted by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) under the terms of the Holbrooke-Milosevic Agreement of October 15, 1999. Previous to this position, Ambassador served as Special Representative of the Secretary General, heading the Untied National Transitional Administration in Eastern Slavonia (UNTAES), Croatia. Ambassador Walker's positions also have included Vice President of the National Defense University in Washington (1994-97), Ambassador to El Salvador (1988-92), and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of Inter-American Affairs for Central America and Panama (1985-1988). His postings early in his Foreign Service career focused on Latin America: Bolivia, Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras, Peru, and the Argentine desk in Washington.

President: Samuel Hoskinson

Vice President: Maureen Smith

Executive Director: Kempton Jenkins

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