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Giuseppe Cocos din Wanderland (...@yahoo.com, IP: 146.95.132...)
2009-02-18 21:24
bravii aliatzi ai SUA --Pakistanul-

Allies alarmed by Pakistan deal with Taliban


U.S.: Pakistan deal is a 'negative development' Play Video AP – U.S.: Pakistan deal is a 'negative development'

* Pakistani region imposes Islamic law Play Video Video:Pakistani region imposes Islamic law AP
* United Nations Official Held Hostage In Pakistan Play Video Pakistan Video:United Nations Official Held Hostage In Pakistan CBS 2 New York
* Taliban Takeover? Play Video Pakistan Video:Taliban Takeover? FOX News

March for peace after Pakistan sharia deal AFP – A pro-Taliban cleric vowed Wednesday to restore calm to Pakistan's troubled Swat valley, leading …

WASHINGTON – Pakistan's startling accord with Taliban fighters that would impose Islamic religious law on the strategic Swat valley looms as a setback for the Obama administration's hopes to mount a united front against militants there and in Afghanistan.

The agreement between Pakistan's government and the growing Taliban forces in the country's northwest region cemented a truce between the two sides and gave the insurgents dominance in the Swat region by installing a strict regimen of Islamic law amenable to the militants' authority. The pact was spearheaded by a hard-line cleric sent to the region to negotiate with the Taliban and persuade them to give up their arms.

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