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endevour (...@gmail.com, IP: 109.166.128...)
2009-12-30 19:46
Everybody is asking: "Why should, you, not be reformed and lose your jobs, little neocommis ?"

Everybody is asking right now: what have those political 'clochards' (tramps) given to Romania in order no to lose their jobs?Only poverty, not wealth: they stole the Romanian treasure and future... And they will try to steal again and again so the rest of the people be poor... Firing the elite of the Romanian society, the teachers... Because they hate the thinkers, the intelectuals, generally, and they were taught only 1/4 of the necessary time... Some people that skipped the classes are giving orders in Education? Why shouldn' t they lose their jobs? Action and reaction: action without reaction is an Utopia... If they want only teachers with PDL cards, why shouldn't they, The Empowered, not lose their jobs? Maybe the people will make them lose the jobs... In fact, Romania is split: the Few with The Empowered and The Bolshevik Emanated (The Security Guys that are watching the Romanian people in order to be poor for 80 yrs) and the rest, 96% o population, living in poverty; some people will never recognize The Fake Empowered so they will fight for their natural rights against The Illegitimate Power...
The subjects to be fired, 1, 000, 000 people (+ 3, 000, 000 members of theirs starving families, including the 15, 000 substitute teachers+ 18, 000 holder teachers), by The Illegitimate Power will come over the Empowered by The World Occult Security, The Lackeys of The International Banks, in order to find out why the last ones have their brains damaged... And to restore the order... And regain the wealth and future and total freedom, not only 1% of it, for the Romanian people... A peacock from PDL, with a punk hair, is performing right now on Reality TV, 30th of December, at 19:37-19:38...

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