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endevour (...@gmail.com, IP: 93.122.221...)
2009-12-30 10:39
The anti-Romanian agents of Occult are demanding sacrifices, firing people

The Nowadays Neocommunist Power, having roots after 89, are demanding now sacrifices: firing of 15, 000 teachers and other more, 18, 000 of holders... The agents of Occult, fighting against the Romanian people, stealing all the fortune of the state and country in 20 yrs(see the case Rosia Montana), are laughing at the poor people of the budget ... They try to reduce the subjects at teaching from 13 to 7, because they skipped the classes and they were people ploughed in an examination...The Bolshevik Power is grinning his teeth. Mass manifestations and strikes will be on the streets because of these Flunkeys of the World Occult Security... Their reform is an anti-reform... Some think they are reformists, but they are only Bolshevik off-springs of The Hidden Communist Power... They are firing people in order that they be rich and steal the Romanian fortune... They are The Ilegititimate Power (they steal votes from abroad and hired people in the street to pretend that they are from abroad and voted for The Empowered, see on Mirror TV, 29th of December), the brave children of Ceausescu (of course, the last one has built 2/3 of nowadays blocks and buildings, demanding starvation of the people)...

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