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endevour (...@gmail.com, IP: 109.166.134...)
2009-12-30 16:09
Hustled by their Foreigners Masters, the Lords of The Romanian Ghetto are demandind death by famine

Hustled by their Foreigner Masters (this was the price of their empowerment, to exterminate 4, 000, 000 Romanian till 2, 015: the number of Romanian unemployed and of their families), The Lords of The Romanian Ghetto, The Lackeys of international banks, are demanding death by famine... In education will be terminated 15, 000 teachers that are well-qualified (the substitutes were qualified in faculties and obtained high grades in contests) and 18, 000 holders of the education places by reducing the number of subjects from 13 to 7 by the people who have ploughed in an examination... People will jump over the so-called promoters of The Reform of Darkness... Oppressed by the so-called Empowered (the emanated of The Hidden Bolshevik Power, not the real elected), the teachers and the Romanian people should not renounce to their limited liberties (1% of the real liberties: hi-tech, treble of the life-span and youth, secure and very fast means of transportation, hydrogen hypersonic jets with salvation capsules, non-polluting energy)... The STASI and NKVD-like Inquisition will eliminate the people that do not belong with their Bolshevik Power, PDL... They are The Pack of Hyenas that are stealing the Romanian fortune and future... The Empowered are fighting against the Romanian people, they are believing themselves as the Ataturk of the so-called democratic state stolen by these odious political locusts... The people, the real Romanian, will defend every square inch of their very limited liberties existing in The Romanian Ghetto... The situation is explosive in The Romanian Ghetto... The Empowered want the dismiss of the Romanian people in order that they get richer and richer... They have no moral right to demand this (who are they? they were Empowered by fraud, stealing the votes electronically, as the stole the prize, electronically, on Spiegel TV), because they are strangers to the Romanian people, they are only The Inquisitors of The World Occult Security that put Romania under siege for 80 yrs... The Empowered live in luxury, the others in poverty...The Real Foreigners should parachute humanitarian help on the territories of the Bolshevik Romanian Ghetto... The very essence of the 1% of the Romanian liberty is endangered by The Emanated of The International Occult Security... Many of the journalists are sustaining The Occult Power because they are paid by It and because they are secret service officers... But there are among the other journalists real defenders of the human rights and fighters against the modern racism (the right to a place to work, the natural selection, the right to detain extreme hi-tech and a secure life)... THE LIBERTY IS OVER THE WALLS OF THE GHETTOS!

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