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  01:25, luni, 23 mai 2022
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endevour (...@gmail.com, IP: 109.166.129...)
2009-12-31 00:30
Civil war has begun between the fired people and the Government; the "reform" is made by Neocommis..

It is a fact; civil war has begun between the Government of The Illegitimate Power, The Lords of The Neocommunist Ghetto, and the people that are about to be fired... Only the suckers will be fooled out that they are not going to be fired... The only solution for the fired people is to get on the streets and fight till they win for their rights against the half-brained of The Empowered who have all the interest to show their loyalty to the World Occult Security, The Negative Ones (remember, the monopole of power does not exist, it is a fiction in this world)...But an action demands always a reaction... So: those that are trying to protect their fortune and privileges in high-ranking posts will be dismiss by the power of the people... And Evil will be defeated by Good... The Real Strangers, The Good Guys, will parachute humanitarian aid on the territory of the oppressed country-ghetto... Because this country is rich, but the society was pauperized by the odious members of the Power in the same degree that the stolen state could not feed all the citizens... These Empowered were Stalinist guys, kids of all totalitarian societies, brave off-springs of Ceausescu, personal terrorists of the civilians imprisoned in Romania and the modern worlds look at them in total despise (directed to The Corrupted of Power)... The History of The Modern Ghettos and Anti-Reform conducted by The Neocommunist Security Guys and Activists, The Time of The Modern Inquisition, these will be the chapters of modern future history books regarding this dark period of time in which people are left to die on starvation because of the crises... And are left without extreme high-tech capable of prolonging (double, treble) the life-span (some people are still dreaming of the Romanian plum brandy, tzuica, in the yrs of despair and thinking of this modern future life as of manufacturing fantastical creatures, maybe The Unicorn?)...

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