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endevour (...@gmail.com, IP: 93.122.135...)
2009-12-17 19:42
Moise Guran, a so-called economic analyst, is trying to promote the fire of 100, 000 people

Nobody knows why this man is behaving like that? Is he on a payroll? Why is he desiring, today, at Bizbazar, at 19:17, the dismiss of 100, 000 people so that their families die of starvation ? What is he producing? What instance gives him the moral right to speak? Maybe he is a security guy from an Invisible News Security Staff... Promoting the Illness of The Romanian Ghetto...
The people of this country were stolen of their future, wealth, good life and health!
Of course, the people with the same opinions are suspect, from all the TV posts and newspapers! Because they desire the illness of others!
From 100, 000 people, they will be 1, 000, 000 people that were sabotaged by the state and the Empowered of TV stations! These 1, 000, 000 will march onto the streets to find out what happened with theirs work and life rights!

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