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endevour (...@gmail.com, IP: 93.122.135...)
2010-01-02 14:13
The Empowered prepare the genocide (death by starvation) of the kids and people of Romania

Under the pretext of reducing the jobs of the people (1, 000, 000 unemployed in 2, 010, these unemployed are called excrescences by some analysts), The Empowered will prepare a silent genocide (death by starvation) against the kids and people of Romania. The kids of the unemployed will die of starvation (at least 800, 000 kids) and so will do the members of their families (3, 2000, 000 people). The Empowered say they are The Chosen Ones, yes, The Chosen Ones to execute the orders coming from abroad... That was the condition to be Empowered by The Real Masters of The Romanian Ghetto... So, the year 2, 010 will a year of the fight against the Romanian people conducted by The Empowered (they say that they have a mandate, but not from the Romanian people, from the negative foreigners; they have the mandate to steal Romania and pauperize the citizens that are remaining alive)... The year of genocide... Instead of a society with high-tech, with people living healthy and long, a society with beggars and crosses of dead people, instead of rapid and very secured means of transportation, accidents, instead of good future, neocommunist (Stalinist) past in the yrs to come... One Party, One Will, One Reformer.. The majority of Romanian, European and American and of the world people will look in despise to this society that have broken the 1% of the laws of democracy... The Romanian Ghetto is one of the most fiendish Ghettos of the world, where people have no right to live freely... And where The Empowered have something damaged at their brains...

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