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  15:39, joi, 25 februarie 2021
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Zenn din Gringostan (...@yahoo.com, IP: 24.189.153...)
2009-01-04 02:52
Trend News Agency: During the ground operation in Gaza, five Israeli army soldiers killed

Trend News Agency
Jan 3, 2009

Azerbaijan, Baku, January 4 / TrendNews / During Israel's ground operation in Gaza, 5 IDF soldiers were killed, reported Aljazeera TV Chanel, referring to officials of Hamas.

The Israeli military on Saturday evening began a ground operation in Gaza. The Israeli army moved to the administrative part of the border and invaded the Palestinian enclave.

Until now, Israel was limited to air strikes and shelling of Gaza. The number of deaths as a result of the continued eight days of Israeli attacks reached 460 people, and more than 2300 people were injured.


Pinkie din Franta (...@voila.fr, IP: 64.131.66...)
2009-01-04 03:23
Re: ... five Israeli army soldiers killed


La 2009-01-04 02:52:54, Zenn a scris:

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