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endevour (...@gmail.com, IP: 93.122.135...)
2009-12-20 19:40
The Apocalypse will come, the people of skeletons will die because of starvation1

The Apocalypse will come in 2010, Mircea Badea is showing himself naked in The Victory Place in order that 45 km of poor highway be built (what a shame for The Empowered; if this is necessary to build something in this country, to "reach the highest levels of capitalism civilization and progress", will it be a march of nude female models? ; probably this is the stimulus for The Empowered in order to change radically the face of this country and put it on the future road of XXIInd century, not of the communist past), the money will be cut down for Education, Health, Defense (the so-called planes F-16, the Old Cows, are bought instead of F-35 or Eurofighter; these domains should be torn down in the vision of the strangers), the people will die in 2010 of starvation...
The Empowered will the slaves of IMF and put in practice unpopular orders: 1, 000, 000 people will be unemployed... 4 000, 000 people will die of starvation, building The Army of Skeletons, marching on the streets of The Capital and Romanian towns of The Ghetto...
Cinema is not existing anymore in Romania: the sum gained per year in this field= the sum gained in USA per week by a successful movie...
In the downstream water of Bucharest, the Danube and The Black Sea are filled up with home miseries because there are no modern purification stations on the way...
The power plants are not of high-energy and non-polluting, the transportations means, hospitals and medicine techniques are still very poor...
People of other ethnic categories are demanding autonomy, The Autonomy of Poorness... These are the members of The Fifth Column...The agitators of The Ghetto... And the future is not coming anymore... Only the snow... It snows outside...

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