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endevour (...@gmail.com, IP: 93.122.135...)
2009-12-10 21:43
The Antennae 1 and 3, Reality TV and some newspapers will be shut down in the plan

Some say that the nowadays regime is capable of cruel repression of opposants: people are hunted down on streets (the students that had a march in the front of the presidential palace: security officers are sent to theirs boarding places, in Regie, Bucharest, to arrest them), the security officers are entering into apartments to put microphones, informants of Securitate are sent away to intimidate the opposants... Surveillance vans of secret services are sent on the streets in front of blocks and villas of the opposants...
The doctors of regime are using the KGB tactics: they know the political affiliation of their patients: if they do not belong to PDL (Liberal Democratic Party), they are sick with heart diseases, cancer, swine flu, if they belong to PDL, they are healthy... And sent to extermination through medical means...
The campaign of intimidation of some subsecretary of state is going on: he is taking the dead people from the coroners and put on them the tag: dead because of the swine flu (not of heart diseases, diabetes)... In order to buy a mansion on an exotic island... And enrich some pharmaceutical firms...
The secret services chieftains are intimidating the journalists and are the nowadays political police... 1, 000, 000 unemployed people are going to march on streets in 2010 because of the famine... The votes are stolen by the president of dead people... The democratic principles are dead now in Romania... Here is the Neocommunist Ghetto: no survivors...
Some say that the The Pierced People will calm down... How? By the total elimination?The Antennae 1 and 3 and Reality TV and some newspapers against The Regime will be shut down: in time, not now... And the newscasters will be arrested... So sounds the plan of repression! Despite all the official negations... The Constitutional Court is filled up with security guys and blackmailed with theirs dossiers by the nowadays secret services... To omit the stealing of votes from abroad and in the country... Who will unveil them?

gili din romania (...@yahoo.com, IP: 86.105.183...)
2009-12-10 21:48
Asta se cheama reconciliere basesciana !

Basescu doreste reconciliere ... Evident cu mortii care l-au si votat !

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