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oblioo (...@yahoo.com, IP: 202.108.50...)
2009-11-08 04:13
Cu asta se ocupa Hasan..

From his position at the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress, Major Hasan became one of the originators of what is called the US Army's “Warrior Combat Reset Program” set up to help American soldiers returning from war zones, or being redeployed to them, cope with what is called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and which according to these reports led to his being at Fort Hood to “electronically prepare” an experimental group of US Soldiers for their return to the Iraq war zone.

Important to be understood about these reports is their detailing that nearly all of the US Military Forces are suffering what is termed a “catastrophic” level of stress disorders, murders, rapes and suicides so bad that American commanders are now warning that the readiness of their forces in is danger of “outright collapse”, and which is no wonder being that in just three short months this will become the longest war in US history.

Making the recycling of these battle hardened US Soldiers (to keep killing and dying for reasons they don’t even know about anymore) even more crucial are new American Military reports stating that over one-third of “Americans ages 17-24 are unqualified for military service because of physical and medical issues.”

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