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iobagul roman din Florida (...@aol.com, IP: 24.214.177...)
2009-01-09 07:02
de cine asculta guvernul american?

Attack Iraq soon, Sharon aide says

Israel Urges US to Attack Iraq: "Sooner, Rather than Later"

AIPAC is pushing for the USA to attack Iran for Israel

AIPAC spurring Congress to pass sanctions bill against Iran

Iran, Libya, Syria are next?

Israel instructs America to attack Iran and Syria

In other news reports Israeli General Oded Tira is quoted as follows: "President Bush lacks the political power to attack Iran. As an American strike in Iran is essential for our existence, we must help him pave the way by lobbying the Democratic Party (which is conducting itself foolishly) and US newspaper editors. We need to do this in order to turn the Iranian issue to a bipartisan one and unrelated to the Iraq failure."

Israel's war, says Bibi, must be sold as America's war.

Peres urges world to unite against Iran

Israel wants more pressure on Iran

Olmert to U.S.: Impose naval blockade on Iran

Report: Olmert to urge U.S. attack on Iran

Barak to Gates: Keep military option on table with Iran

Well, Israel certainly wants war! But that is Israel. Why would the US Congress, which supposedly exists to serve the will of the AMERICAN people, be obeying the will of Israel?
Well, maybe because Israel's lobbying/spying organization, AIPAC, is PAYING THEM TO!

You heard me. Members of AIPAC, the organization suspected of spying for Israel, donate vast sums of money to the members of US Congress. And the US Congress has sold our young men and women in uniform to go off and fight and die in wars Israel has created.

So, here is what you need to do. You need to call all of your congressional representatives and tell them they can either work for AIPAC, or they can work for you, but you will not tolerate a Congress that accepts money from suspected spies of a foreign government and then quite obviously proceeds to serve the will of that government. Tell them that not only will you never again vote for any Congressman that accepts money from Israeli agents but that you intend to work for and support their opposition next election. Tell them better no government at all than a government that serves a foreign power.

Get angry.

Who is Congress listening to? It is time to make certain Congress listens to you!

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