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2008-01-17 10:47:10


WATCH VIDEO at http://www.youtube.com/cristianson2007

1 MILLION DOLLARS FOR DORU TARACILA PSDR MP (this is how much his position cost in 2002) (My story)

2001-2002 The PSDR MPS Doru Taracila and Iosif Armas organize a big "fraud" in order to get funds for their own electoral campaign They use the former boxer Lauruc Mihai suspected to be a FSB spy and Geotoiu brothers, respectively GEOTOIU IOAN DIE/SIE officer, representative for the North America, protected by the late Tanasescu (the one who made his wife a SIE officer over night), but also GEOTOIU DAN SJI Brasov officer, protected by the two BUCURs from Brasov(SRI and IPJ) but also the biggest dar IGPR chiefs, Dumitru Sorescu and the former Costica Voicu, or the SIE Fulga chief, along this terrible "commando " come the associates of ARGIROM INTERNATIONAL of IOSIF ARMAS (who has his premises one floor above GIROM company in which Geotoiu Ioan is also involved, alongside an unimportant Ionita, another officer) respectively: Marian Ureche SIPA chief, Sandu Florin IGPR chief ,Emil Cico Dumitrescu counsellor of the Romanian President, MP Doru Taracila, MP Iosif Armas and the minister- justice secretary Doru Crin Trifoi, Ioan Talpes presidential counsellor and former SIE chief. Other people join this terrible « commando »: General Prosecutor Tanase Joita,Ilie Piciorus- inspector prosecutor, DIICOT chief Muscalu George, deputy DIICOT manager Gratiana Isac, whose relatives work for both SIE and IGPR, prosecutor Placinta Constantin, prosecutor Buliga Georgeta with their chief Codescu and the president (judge Negulescu) and deputy-president of Ploiesti Law Court, Dumitrache Gheorghe SJI Prahova deputy-manager, Damian Miclea IJP Prahova chief, Malaescu Teodor Ploiesti Police chief and many others very small in comparison with this big shots mentioned above. Isn’t it true that INTERBOX from Canada makes world champions? Doesn’t it seem strange to you? Is this an action to improve Romania’s image abroad or an action to make some MPs’ and opther people’s accounts bigger? I am curious what certain "initiated" people would think, and when I say that I refer to Rudel Obreja....
Mihai Lauruc who is in very good relations with both world champions; he even baptised the brother-in-law of one of them and the other one is a member of the box club from SIGHET. It seems that Doru Taracila PSDR MP intends to transform his sister Felicia into a man and make her WORLD CHAMPION at the same club...INTERBOX Canada is there where Geotoiu is in charge of SIE. Canada.
The only sure thing is that over 1 million dollars, my money, in 2002 in a suitcase that LAURUC MIHAI carried solved the problem of "bets" money at the boxing match organized in Bucharest and another sure thing is the fact that the big boxer of our country went to the hospital and the one whom he defeated met Lauruc Mihai "by accident" after the match, and as he felt sick, he went to the disco afterwards. In February 2002 ,Geotoiu Ioan and Dan put their plan into practice and steal from 30 BILLION lei in uncovered cheques and they commercialise the merchandise with Lauruc Mihai. They took their cash from Razvan Temesan economic counsellor from RAFO ONESTI,( Viorel Hrebenciuc ?), they filled in a tank with petroleum residues and they "arranged" a formal sequester with a policeman, Gondor from Baia Mare, which they paid with the money they cashed from Temesan; then they imported gasoil as heated fuel from Ukraine to Romania and they sold it again to Rafo ONESTI. The penal complaint for cheating with uncovered cheques, formulated by me in February 2002, resulted in arresting the accomplice Lauruc Mihai who had deposited and commercialised the merchandise, yet the Geotoiu brothers were protected by prosecutor Placinta. At this moment, the commando took action. Doru Crin Trifoi travelled to Ploiesti and through unoficcial methods asked for the release of Lauruc Mihai.Cico Emil Dumitrescu got 200.000 dollars from the Laurucs.
The penal complaint for corrupt practices formulated by me in July 2002 against Doru Crin Trifoi, Placinta Constantin and others was no longer sustained and my constitutional rights were no longer obeyed... I was arrested two days after I handed in the complaint and one week after the press scandal ( see The GARDIANUL and TVR 1). When I got out of prison, after a while in 2005 I organized a press conference in Bucharest, I formulated another complaint for corruption against Ioan Niculae, Muscalu Gheorghe, Ilie Piciorus, Placinta Constantin, Dumitrache Gheorghe, I handed them in at DNA and the Minister of Justice. At the time being all my written complaints wait in the drawers of who knows and some monkeys play with my own life!

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