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Deva din New York, USA (...@yahoo.com, IP: 66.108.5...)
2007-03-23 06:22
Scandal at ICR-NY on March 19th

This article above related just a half story at the night of Mr. Ungreanu's event on this Monday, March 19th. While inside of the ICR, people were showing their revolt to Mr. Ungureanu and Ms. Suteu, director at ICR-NY, 3 guards and Ms. Oana Radu, program director was waiting for myself and my wife, Kiyoko at the entrance as previous event and they did not let us inside.
We argued with them and things got escalated, and in the meantime somebody called police and things get cooled down finally.
In these days, the community in New York started to move and they are showing their revolt about the policy and activities at ICR, too.
I started to consult American friends and intellectuals who are interested in Eastern Europe situation. The Americans consider that gang around of Mr.
Patapievici and himself have to go. They use the tax payer money to manipulate the public opinion in their political interests.

And also we want to remind you all that we have not received any answer from President of Romania, regarding to our letter to them about last incident.
Deva(Robert Horvath), New York

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