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2006-08-03 01:58:14


Sa legam totul si de mult controversatul 9/11, Irak, etc.
Recent, dupa intilnirea Bush-primulministru irakian, s-a produs prima surpriza la Bagdad: propunerea infiintarii unui stat siit independent in sudul irakului. Asta ca o adaugire la planul unui "Greater Israel" de la Nil la Eufrat.

2006-08-03 02:04:15

Re: Neoconservatorii ???????

2006-08-03 06:35:09

Obisnuita propaganda araba a lui Alexe

Si ar fi cazul ca Musiu Alexe sa dea o declaratzie daca a servit sau nu Securitatea.

evreu mandru din israel
2006-08-03 08:07:44

Acum e clar...

cine a depus suma de 10 milione de SF in contul lui Nasrallah la Credit Suisse din Geneva, pt. serviciul prestat...

2006-08-03 14:17:46

am mai postat odata pe tema asta

.<In acelasi context trebuie privita si "incetineala" cu care sunt evacuati din Liban cetatenii americani. Potrivit lui Silva Boghossian, cetateana americana din Liban, intervievata pe 15 iulie a.c. de Greta van Susterem pentru "Eastern Daylight Time", "Statele Unite nu au nici un plan de evacuare din Liban". In timp ce italienii si sud-africanii fusesera evacuati din hotel cu doar doua zile mai inainte, la o zi dupa inceperea bombardamentelor aviatiei israeliene, Silva Boghossian se inregistrase pentru evacuare la Consulatul SUA, dar de atunci "nu s-a mai intamplat nimic". Hotelul in care statea Boghossian era, de aceea, plin de americani. Cu toate ca acestia puteau fi, cu mare usurinta, transportati, cu elicoptere, la baza britanica Larnaka (Cipru).>

<daca vrei pace, pregateste-te de razboi> arta razboiului a lui sun tzu.
niciodata nu mi-am inchipuit ca israelul nu are o motivatie si un plan bine stabilit in ceea ce face acum. e strategia israelului prin care incearca sa existe intr-un teritoriu inconjurat de dusmani. n-am comentat niciodata dreptul israelului de-a riposta si de-a se apara. am fost impresionat ca multi altii de numarul victimelor nevinovate. a alta problema. revenind la citatul de mai sus , ce se poate intelege de aici?
usa forteaza victime americane pentru a-si justifica in fata opiniei publice eventuala interventie? eu asta inteleg. daca asa stau lucrurile, e un scenariu halucinant. nu cred nici o iota din el! am facut glume cu privire la istetimea americanilor - care de fapt nu sunt decat modul de-a ne exprima invidia - dar sa cred ca opinia publica americana in primul rand poate fi atat de usor manipulata nici macar nu-mi pot imagina!

2006-08-03 15:04:50

Re: am mai postat odata pe tema asta

2006-08-03 15:06:26

Re: am mai postat odata pe tema asta

Virgil Ciuca
2006-08-03 15:09:51

Re: am mai postat odata pe tema asta

2006-08-03 15:12:44

Solutia la conflictul din Orientul Mijlociu este...

eliminarea Israelului.

...a declarat azi Ahmedinejad.

Mama lor de teroristi israelieni, cum nu vor ei sa se lase stersi de pe harta! Intr-adevar, intreaga lume e consternata de tupeul statului Israel!!!

Virgil Ciuca
2006-08-03 15:15:07

Re: Obisnuita propaganda araba a lui Alexe

2006-08-03 15:46:35

Re: Domnului nituc si domnului virgil ciuca

2006-08-03 15:55:16

din ce in ce mai clar ..,

Ca R.Perle a scris aceasta bazaconie in cadrul unui ``think tank`` in 1996, este una, ... ca nimeni nu a luat in considerare planul lui si a zburat din functia guvernamentala e alta, ...

... insa faptul ca dl Alexa publica fraza de mai jos, drept o informatie autorizata si obiectiva ... cum ca cica:
<<Actualul plan de lupta al Israelului a fost trasat cu zece ani inainte, in 1996, de fostul sef al ``Defence Policy Board``din Pentagon, neoconservatorul Richard Perle, scrie Mike Whitney.... >>
... fara sa mentioneze ca... Mike Whitney este unul care scrie pt. AlJazeeira, ... deci are si el agenda lui ...

arata ca dl. Alexa isi prezinta aici doar his ``wishful thinking`` ... ceea ce seamana cu dezinformare ...

2006-08-03 16:22:28


2006-08-03 16:35:30

Crime de razboi

Human Rights Watch a ajuns la concluzia ca Israelul se face vinovat de crime de razboi. Pe cand vom vedea pe cineva condamnat???


ivan naica
2006-08-03 16:43:20

Re: Crime de razboi

2006-08-03 16:47:17

Re: Domnului nituc si domnului virgil ciuca

2006-08-03 17:22:03


mikele durul
2006-08-03 17:29:06

Statul Libanez colaboreaza in mod deliberat cu Hezbollah !

Nu este posibil ca in aproape 20 de ani sa nu poata deveni suveran (statul) asupra intregului teritoriu propriu si sa starpeasca acesti teroristi care le aduc numai necazuri.

2006-08-03 17:56:31

Empire and Israel

John Pilger &#8211; The New Statesman July 29, 2006

The National Museum of American History is part of the celebrated Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. Surrounded by mock Greco-Roman edifices with their soaring Corinthian columns, rampant eagles and chiseled profundities, it is at the center of Empire, though the word itself is engraved nowhere. This is understandable, as the likes of Hitler and Mussolini were proud imperialists, too: on a "great mission to rid the world of evil," to borrow from President Bush.

One of the museum's exhibitions is called "The Price of Freedom: Americans at War." In the spirit of Santa's Magic Grotto, this travesty of revisionism helps us understand how silence and omission are so successfully deployed in free, media-saturated societies. The shuffling lines of ordinary people, many of them children, are dispensed the vainglorious message that America has always "built freedom and democracy" -- notably at Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the atomic bombing saved "a million lives," and in Vietnam where America's crusaders were "determined to stop communist expansion," and in Iraq where the same true hearts "employed air strikes of unprecedented precision."

The words "invasion" and "controversial" make only fleeting appearances; there is no hint that the "great mission" has overseen, since 1945, the attempted overthrow of 50 governments, many of them democracies, along with the crushing of popular movements struggling against tyranny and the bombing of 30 countries, causing the loss of countless lives. In Central America, in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan's arming and training of gangster-armies saw off 300,000 people; in Guatemala, this was described by the UN as genocide. No word of this is uttered in the Grotto. Indeed, thanks to such displays, Americans can venerate war, comforted by the crimes of others and knowing nothing about their own.

In Santa's Grotto, there is no place for Howard Zinn's honest People's History of the United States, or I F Stone's revelation of the truth of what the museum calls "the forgotten war" in Korea, or Mark Twain's definition of patriotism as the need to keep "multitudinous uniformed assassins on hand at heavy expense to grab slices of other people's countries." Moreover, at the Price of Freedom Shop, you can buy US Army Monopoly, and a "grateful nation blanket" for just $200. The exhibition's corporate sponsors include Sears, Roebuck, the mammoth retailer. The point is taken.

To understand the power of indoctrination in free societies is also to understand the subversive power of the truth it suppresses. During the Blair era in Britain, precocious revisionists of Empire have been embraced by the pro-war media. Inspired by America's Messianic claims of "victory" in the cold war, their pseudo-histories have sought not only to hose down the blood slick of slavery, plunder, famine and genocide that was British imperialism ("the Empire was an exemplary force for good": Andrew Roberts) but also to rehabilitate Gladstonian convictions of superiority and promote "the imposition of western values," as Niall Ferguson puts it.

Ferguson relishes "values", an unctuous concept that covers both the barbarism of the imperial past and today's ruthless, rigged "free" market. The new code for race and class is "culture". Thus, the enduring, piratical campaign by the rich and powerful against the poor and weak, especially those with natural resources, has become a "clash of civilizations." Since Francis Fukuyama wrote his drivel about "the end of history" (since recanted), the task of the revisionists and mainstream journalism has been to popularize the "new" imperialism, as in Ferguson's War of the World series for Channel 4 and his frequent sound bites on the BBC. In this way, the public is "softened up" for the rapacious invasion of countries on false pretences, including a not unlikely nuclear attack on Iran, and the ascent in Washington of an executive dictatorship, as called for by Vice-President Cheney. So imminent is the latter that a supine Congress will almost certainly reverse the Supreme Court's recent decision to outlaw the Guantanamo kangaroo courts. The judge who wrote the majority opinion -- in a high court Bush himself stacked -- sounded his alarm through this seminal quotation of James Madison: "The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny."

The catastrophe in the Middle East is a product of such an imperial tyranny. It is clear that the long-planned assault on Gaza and now the destruction of Lebanon are Washington-ordained and pretexts for a wider campaign with the goal of installing American puppets in Lebanon, Syria and eventually Iran. "The pay-off time has come," wrote the Israeli historian Ilan Pappe; "now the proxy should salvage the entangled Empire."

The attendant propaganda -- the abuse of language and eternal hypocrisy -- has reached its nadir in recent weeks. An Israeli soldier belonging to an invasion force was captured and held, legitimately, as a prisoner of war. Reported as a "kidnapping", this set off yet more slaughter of Palestinian civilians. The seizure of two Palestinian civilians two days before the capture of the soldier was of no interest. Neither was the incarceration of thousands of Palestinian hostages in Israeli prisons, and the torture of many of them, as documented by Amnesty International. The kidnapped soldier story cancelled any serious inquiry into Israel's plans to reinvade Gaza, from which it had staged a phony withdrawal. The fact and meaning of Hamas's self-imposed 16-month ceasefire were lost in inanities about "recognizing Israel," along with Israel's state of terror in Gaza -- the dropping of a 500lb bomb on a residential block, the firing of as many as 9,000 heavy artillery shells into one of the most densely populated places on earth and the nightly terrorizing with sonic booms.

"I want nobody to sleep at night in Gaza," declared Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, as children went out of their minds. In their defense, the Palestinians fired a cluster of Qassam missiles and killed eight Israelis: enough to ensure Israel's victimhood on the BBC; even Jeremy Bowen struck a shameful "balance", referring to "two narratives." The historical equivalent is not far from that of the Nazi bombardment and starvation of the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto. Try to imagine that described as "two narratives."

2006-08-03 17:58:28

Empire and Israel (2)

John Pilger &#8211; The New Statesman July 29, 2006

Watching this unfold in Washington -- I am staying in a hotel taken over by evangelical "Christians for Israel" apparently seeking rapture -- I have heard only the crudest colonial refrain and no truth. Hezbollah, drone America's journalistic caricatures, is "armed and funded by Syria and Iran," and so they beckon an attack on those countries, while remaining silent about America's $3billion-a-day gift of planes and small arms and bombs to a state whose international lawlessness is a registered world record. There is never mention that, just as the rise of Hamas was a response to the atrocities and humiliations the Palestinians have suffered for half a century, so Hezbollah was formed only as a defense against Ariel Sharon's murderous invasion of Lebanon in 1982 which left 22,000 people dead. There is never mention that Israel intervenes at will, illegally and brutally, in the remaining 22 percent of historic Palestine, having demolished 11,000 homes and walled off people from their farmlands, and families, and hospitals, and schools. There is never mention that the threat to Israel's existence is a canard, and the true enemy of its people is not the Arabs, but Zionism and an imperial America that guarantees the Jewish state as the antithesis of humane Judaism.

The epic injustice done to the Palestinians is the heart of the matter. While European governments (with the honorable exception of the Swiss) have remained craven, it is only Hezbollah that has come to the Palestinians' aid. How truly shaming. There is no media "narrative" of the Palestinians' heroic stand during two uprisings, and with slingshots and stones most of the time. Israel's murders of Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall have left them utterly alone. Neither is the silence of governments all that is shocking. On a major BBC program, Maureen Lipman, a Jew and promoter of selective good causes, is allowed to say, without serious challenge, that "human life is not cheap to the Israelis, and human life on the other side is quite cheap actually . . ."

Let Lipman see the children of Gaza laid out after an Israeli bombing run, their parents petrified with grief. Let her watch as a young Palestinian woman -- and there have been many of them -- screams in pain as she gives birth in the back seat of a car at night at an Israeli roadblock, having been willfully refused right of passage to a hospital. Then let Lipman watch the child's father carry his newborn across freezing fields until it turns blue and dies.

I think Orwell got it right in this passage from <>Nineteen Eighty-Four<>, a tale of the ultimate empire: "And in the general hardening of outlook that set in . . . practices which had been long abandoned -- imprisonment without trial, the use of war prisoners as slaves, public executions, torture to extract confessions . . . and the deportation of whole populations -- not only became common again, but were tolerated and even defended by people who considered themselves enlightened and progressive."

John Pilger is an internationally renowned investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. His newest book is Freedom Next Time (Bantam Press, June 2006). Visit John Pilger's website: www.johnpilger.com

2006-08-03 17:59:31

Re: Obisnuita propaganda araba a lui Alexe

evreu mandru din israel
2006-08-03 18:16:39

Re: Empire and Israel

2006-08-03 18:27:55


domnul alexe vrea sa ne convinga ca in spatele razboiului este o conspiratie.

in primul rind ca sa fie cit de cit plauzibila o teorie conspirativa trebuie sa aiba cel putin un element fara explicatie logica. in cazul razboilui din liban este la mintea cocosului ca problema nu poate fi rezolvata doar inlaturind hezbollahul. nu trebuie sa fi starteg militar la casa alba ca sa intelegi ca mai devreme sau mai tirziu se va ajunge la siria si iran.

in al doilea rind teoria conspirativa a domnului alexe isi pierde orice credibilitate spunind ca perl in 96 facea planuri de ocupare a libanului, cind libanul era deja ocupat.

nu zic, exista si conspiratii dar cel putin in cazul acestui razboi eu cred ca oamenii s-au saturat sa le cada toata ziua bombe-n cap, cum il cred si pe mascariciul ala din iran care viseaza la califatul global?

2006-08-03 18:37:37

Re: Cinspiratia

2006-08-03 18:41:17

Re: Crime de razboi

2006-08-03 18:46:02

Re: Empire and Israel

2006-08-03 18:48:09

Re: Obisnuita propaganda araba a lui Alexe

La 2006-08-03 17:59:31, roy a scris:
"Eu unul, n-as cumpara de la el nici macar o pereche de sireturi uzate."

De ce? Pot sa-ti fie de folos vreo data!?

2006-08-03 19:32:44

Re: Empire and Israel

2006-08-03 19:54:37

Freedom of the Press...

News blackout imposed on American arms flights refuelling at British bases

By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent

The Government refused last night to give details of the flights entering Britain containing American arms destined for Israel.

Although Government officials have admitted that two flights, carrying GBU28 bunker-busting bombs, arrived at Prestwick the weekend before last and several others came in last week, a news blackout has now been enforced on reporting any new arrivals.

After hundreds of protesters gathered at Prestwick last weekend, at least two flights from Texas were diverted to RAF Mildenhall, in Suffolk.


2006-08-03 19:56:07

The Zionist Kyrstallnacht...

A Labour MP deported from Israel while attempting to deliver books to a children's library in Ramallah today attacked the "outrageous" interrogation she was subjected to.

Lynne Jones was with eight charity workers on a scheduled trip to the West Bank, but were turned back after 11 hours questioning at Tel Aviv airport without being allowed into the country.

Speaking at a press conference in Birmingham, the MP for the city's Selly Oak constituency told reporters: "It was quite a nightmare.

Party member Samantha Owen, who works at Birmingham's central library, said the children's books had been collected to help build a library for youngsters in a refugee camp who had "absolutely nothing".

"We had raised money for a children's library and nursery at a refugee camp in Ramallah and the women were due to check on the progress of these badly-needed projects."

"We were asked if we brought any money for the Israeli Armed Forces, when we said no, it was just to help children, we were attacked, beaten, spat on and forced to give our watches and other jewelery to them."

"One of the commandos threatened to take us to a hospital in Lebanon then rescue just one of us while killing the others and claiming they were terrorists, it was insane."


Adrian Iancovici
2006-08-03 20:19:33

Antiamericanismul si proislamismul lui Vladimir Alexe

Se pare ca antiamericanismul si proislamismul continua - cu o consecventa demna de o cauza mai buna - sa caracterizeze personalitatea politica a lui Vladimir Alexe. Este ceea ce reiese, din plin,
si din ultimul sau articol intitulat "Dominoul din Orientul Mijlociu".
Referirea la aplicarea in practica de catre Israel - in zilele noastre - a
asa zisului "plan Perle" intocmit in 1966 care ar fi prevazut ocuparea sudului Libanului si .apoi atacarea Siriei este pur si simplu o aberatie
Din acei ani si pana in 2000 Israelul a ocupat aceasta regiune si nu a
incercat nici macar odata sa atace Siria . Dupa aceea a parasit de bunavoie acest teritoriu . Care om cu judecata normala poate pretinde
ca retragerea de pe teritoriul Libanului ar putea fi o etapa in vederea
reocuparii sale ulterioare ? Si,apoi,cum se poate "uita" faptul ca - prima -
Hezbollah a atacat Israelul incalcandu-i suveranitatea si rapindu-i soldati? Ca a actionat la comanda Iranului si cu complicitatea Siriei
care continua si in prezent s-o aprovizioneze cu rachetele cu care teroristii bombardeaza Israelul ? Ca Israelul a repetat in cateva randuri
ca nu intentioneaza sa atace Siria.
Alexe merge insa si mai departe. El nu este departe de a sustine ca Hezbollah este o victima a Israelului . Dupa parerea lui,Israelul nu ar
fi - ci doar s-ar declara - o victima a terorismului , iar dreptul sau la autoaparare { autorul pune , in deradere,cuvantul auto-apararea intre
ghilimele ) nu ar reprezenta decat un pretext de a pune in practica
"diabolicul" "plan Perle .Si , drept dovada ca asa stau lucrurile in realitate,
el subliniaza "incetineala" cu care ar fi evacuati din Liban cetatenii
amercani ...Vedeti dvs, in realitate acesti cetateni nu ar fi altceva decat
soladati americani,deghizati in civili,care abia asteapta sa se alaturei
armatei israeliene...
Alexe nu isi dezvaluie sursele de informare .Dar ele este sigur ca :"Siria
a devenit,in momentul de fata,"tinta" iminenta a unui masiv atac aerian
israelian".Ba si precizeaza in amadnuntime care ar fi obiectivele acestuia.
Pentru el,faptul ca Israelul nu intentioneaza sa atace Siria,ca a declarat in mod public,de cateva ori, acest lucru,nu conteaza.Dupa cum si faptul
ca Statele Unite nu sunt actualmente interesate intr-un razboi impotriva
Siriei (sprijinitoare activa a terorismului in Irak) nu are importanta pentru el. El este hotarat sa "demaste" pana la capat,prin orice mijloace,
"imperialismul" americano-israelian.Compromisa lozinca a vremurilor
razboiului rece..


2006-08-03 20:22:12

Re: Empire and Israel


Dumneata ai pata pusa rau si exact cum il acuzi pe un forumist ca vede numai intr-o directie tot asa si domnia ta esti calat pe acuze adresate numai unei singure parti. Auzisi bre de zicerea aia cu : Audiatur et altera pars ? Nu cred.
Saracul Seneca, a vorbit in pustiu......
Te-a ajuns si pe domnia ta damful starii de ebrietate al lui Mel Gibson care spunea ca evreii sunt la originea izbucnirii tuturor razboaielor ?
Nu de alta, dar maine-poimaine o sa aud ca evreii au scufundat si Titanicul pentru ca Aisberg nu e nume de neamt .

Mediteaza nitel si cauta in directia in care religia al carei nume il porti indeamna :
"Practicantul zen cauta iluminare prin disciplina si meditatie si asteapta salvarea sa si a tuturor fiintelor inzestrate cu constiinta."

La 2006-08-03 18:46:02, Zen a scris:

> Aici e toata splendoarea: tactica de "tzurca" este tehnica
> voastra prin care incercati sa prostiti lumea. Ei bine, nu tzine.
> La 2006-08-03 18:16:39, evreu mandru din israel a scris:
> > Mai baietzasule, something doesn't fit! How can a long planned
> > assault follow a long planned and carried out withdrawal? E Orientul
> > Mijlociu bre, nu e tactica de tzurka...
> >
> > La 2006-08-03 17:56:31, Zen a scris:
> >
> > > John Pilger &#8211; The New Statesman July 29, 2006
> >
> > It is clear that the long-planned assault on Gaza...
> >
> >

2006-08-03 20:29:38

Re: Conspiratia

2006-08-03 20:34:24

Si daca ar fi asa, n-ar fi bine? Re: din ce in ce mai clar ..,

Virgil Ciuca
2006-08-03 20:38:02

Re: Domnului nituc si domnului virgil ciuca. .Explicatie simpla ..

2006-08-03 20:49:57

Re: Conspiratia

Catalin Bucuta
2006-08-03 20:56:30

Re: Antiamericanismul si proislamismul lui Vladimir Alexe

Tavarisci rabin Iancovici, respectele mele!

Mi -a placut stilul de vechi bolsevic! Ah, ce vremuri!

Si amu' sa purcedem: sursa BBC - 03.08.2006. - in actualul conflict au pierit 750 libanezi, majoritatea civili si 55 israelieni, dintre care 19 civili. Care dintre parti e terorista?

In alta ordine de idei, si URSS declara in 1940 ca vrea doar pace si stim cu totii ce a urmat pentru romani, polonezi, baltici, finlandezi, etc. In primavara lui 1941 - depozite masive de armament si munitii la noua granita cu Germania - pt. razboiul defensiv, nu pentru altceva, desigur! Cand te pregatesti pentru un razboi defensiv, iti masezi rezervele la granita! Prosti ne mai cred istoricii astia oficiali!
La fel si acum! Daca Israelul a declarat de mai multe ori ca nu va ataca Siria, de ce "magarul" asta de Bashar nu vrea sa creada? Doar Israelul nu minte niciodata!

Ma rezum la atat. Nu vreau sa continui.

jan dinu
2006-08-03 20:58:22

Re: Antiamericanismul si proislamismul lui Vladimir Alexe

jan dinu
2006-08-03 21:01:52

Re: Obisnuita propaganda araba a lui Alexe

2006-08-03 21:03:34


July 12 2006

Hezbullah commandos launched a daring commando raid on a heavily fortified Israeli army outpost, capturing 2 Israeli soldiers while engaged in heavy fighting inside Israel killing 8 IDF members.

The Commando's disciplined and well trained knew exactly what they were looking for and how to get it, although unrecognized by the media and often labeled as terrorist. No Israeli civilians were killed.

August 2 2006

Israeli commandos launched a raid on a heavily unprotected Lebanese hospital, allegedly capturing 5 patients and killing 12 others while engaged in a fire fight with unconfirmed people.

2006-08-03 21:05:12

Quote of the day - Mark Twain

Mark Twain's definition of patriotism as the need to keep:

"multitudinous uniformed assassins on hand, at heavy expense, to grab slices of other people's countries."

2006-08-03 21:32:55

War crimes! sa va intre bine in cap


Human Rights Watch, after extensive investigation, has concluded that the Israeli military is guilty of war crimes. HRW says:

Israeli forces have systematically failed to distinguish between combatants and civilians in their military campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon, Human Rights Watch said in report released today. The pattern of attacks in more than 20 cases investigated by Human Rights Watch researchers in Lebanon indicates that the failures cannot be dismissed as mere accidents and cannot be blamed on wrongful Hezbollah practices. In some cases, these attacks constitute war crimes.

The 50-page report, "Fatal Strikes: Israel&#8217;s Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon," analyzes almost two dozen cases of Israeli air and artillery attacks on civilian homes and vehicles. Of the 153 dead civilians named in the report, 63 are children. More than 500 people have been killed in Lebanon by Israeli fire since fighting began on July 12, most of them civilians.

"The pattern of attacks shows the Israeli military&#8217;s disturbing disregard for the lives of Lebanese civilians," said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch. "Our research shows that Israel&#8217;s claim that Hezbollah fighters are hiding among civilians does not explain, let alone justify, Israel&#8217;s indiscriminate warfare."

HRW's investigations do not bear out the excuse that the high civilian casualty rate is because of Hizbullah hiding among civilians:

' Human Rights Watch researchers found numerous cases in which the IDF launched artillery and air attacks with limited or dubious military objectives but excessive civilian cost. In many cases, Israeli forces struck an area with no apparent military target. In some instances, Israeli forces appear to have deliberately targeted civilians.

In one case, an Israeli air strike on July 13 destroyed the home of a cleric known to have sympathy for Hezbollah but who was not known to have taken any active part in the hostilities. Even if the IDF considered him a legitimate target (and Human Rights Watch has no evidence that he was), the strike killed him, his wife, their 10 children and the family&#8217;s Sri Lankan maid.

On July 16, an Israeli aircraft fired on a civilian home in the village of Aitaroun, killing 11 members of the al-Akhrass family, among them seven Canadian-Lebanese dual nationals who were vacationing in the village when the war began. Human Rights Watch independently interviewed three villagers who vigorously denied that the family had any connection to Hezbollah. Among the victims were children aged one, three, five and seven.

The Israeli government has blamed Hezbollah for the high civilian casualty toll in Lebanon, insisting that Hezbollah fighters have hidden themselves and their weapons among the civilian population. However, in none of the cases of civilian deaths documented in the report is there evidence to suggest that Hezbollah was operating in or around the area during or prior to the attack. '

2006-08-03 21:35:01

Re: Crime de razboi

2006-08-03 21:41:34

Re: Conspiratia

2006-08-03 21:49:38

Re: Another quote of the day - Mark Twain

2006-08-03 22:02:39

Si daca ar fi asa, n-ar fi bine? Re: din ce in ce mai clar ..,

zwilling carol
2006-08-03 22:23:44

Re: War crimes! sa va intre bine in cap

2006-08-03 22:26:49

Re: Mincinosul de Zen. Zen Minte!!!!!

ivan naica
2006-08-03 22:41:45

Re: ai si versiunea in araba ?

ivan naica
2006-08-03 22:46:45

Re:sa-ti intre tie in cap

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