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Aladin din york (...@optonline.net, IP: 69.123.167...)
2006-05-17 03:51
Se pare ca articolul nu arata exact ce s-a discutat acolo.

Ce am auzit la francezi este ca hotararea nu a fost luata inca si exista puncte ce nu au fost indeplinite.Despre Bulgaria s-a spus ca coruptia e mai mare .
Probabil noi avem un covor mai mare unde ascundem (maturam ) realitatile.

Oriana din Italia (...@hotmail.it, IP: 213.140.17...)
2006-05-17 15:53
Aladin: exact, s-a amanat doar Raportul FINAL, pt. octombrie la Helsinki


"Sofia and Bucharest NERVOUS over EU report" ...

by Mark Beunderman

All eyes in Bulgaria and Romania are SET ON Brussels as the European Commission finalises a KEY REPORT which COLUD leave the two EU hopefuls uncertain about their accession DATE.

The commission report, due out on Tuesday (16 May), is set to put STRONG CONDITIONS on the EU accession of both Bulgaria and Romania, according to media reports.

Sofia and Bucharest are likely to be presented a tough "to- do" list IF they wish to enter the EU as planned on 1 January 2007, with the commission expected to reassess progress in a FINAL report in the AUTUMN.

According to the BBC, EU leaders COULD confirm the entry DATE at a summit in FINLAND in OCTOBER.

This would mean that Bulgaria and Romania, which were seeking CLARITY on the EXACT entry DATE at an EU leaders' meeting in June, WOULS be left in UNCERTAINITY for an additional couple of MOMTHS.

The accession treaties of the two EU hopeful countries, signed in 2005, foresee the possibility of a 1 YEAR DELAY of accession from January 2007 to January 2008 IF entry preparations fall SHORT.

But even IF entry preparations are STILL insufficient by the autumn, it is unlikely that the 1 year postponement CLAUSE will be invoked.

Brussels is MOST concerned ABOUT Bulgaria, STILL seen as having SERIOUS shortcomings in fighting CRIME and CORRUPTION, according to draft commission reports circulating last week.

But according to the accession treaty, a decision to DELAY Bulgaria's entry would have to be adopted by ALL EU member states unanimously, with most "new" member states, the UK and Bulgaria's neighbour GREECE STRONGLY opposed to such a move.

To invoke ROMANIA's DELAY clause, ONLY a majority of member states' votes is necessary, reflecting greater WORRIES on Romanian backlogs at the time the accession treaty was drafted.

Bucharest caught up considerably in the meantime, with a DRAFT commission report citing "significant PROGRESS" in sensitive areas such as the FIGHT against CORRUPTION.

GERMAN ratification

The prospect of a question mark over the entry date in Tuesday's report still worries SOFIA, with diplomats pointing to possible PROBLEMS in the ratification of the accession treaty in EU member states.

There is PARTICULAR concern about Berlin's ratification, as the GERMAN parliament is awaiting the commission REPORT before it goes ahead with processing the two countries' accession treaties.

IF the wording of the report on Bulgaria is TOO negative, an enlargement-weary German parliament COULD further FREEZE ratification, Sofia FEARS.

On TOP of this, a draft REPORT also indicated that Bulgaria and Romania will be put to a TIGHT monitoring mechanism EVEN IF they enter on time in 2007, with some EXPERTS speaking of a "second-class" membership with continued Brussels tutelage.

The DRAFT also included a financial SANCTION IF both Romania and Bulgaria are NOT prepared ON TIME


" IF this is NOT remedied, the commission MAY TAKE measures to... WITHHOLD payments to Bulgaria and Romania", the text said.


La 2006-05-17 03:51:08, Aladin a scris:

> Ce am auzit la francezi este ca hotararea nu a fost luata inca si
> exista puncte ce nu au fost indeplinite.

Despre Bulgaria s-a spus ca coruptia e mai mare .

Probabil noi avem un covor mai mare unde ascundem (maturam ) realitatile.
NU de covor e nevoie, ci de planuri, idei, pt. a investi si restructura aspectul agrico al Romaniei.

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