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Disguised elections
There are just a few months left till the "sovereign people" makes use of the right to elect representatives. And the uninominal vote system will now be used for the first time, as parties' common lists have gone to hell. We won't vote just for some names emerging by backdoor arrangements with the leader of a group. We are to vote for true representatives, people remarked in their communities and who would deserve to rule others. What do you think, dear readers? Are these sentences true? Will any change occur this year? Will it bring another start in Romania's history? Or are we both spectators and victims of a complex farce?
Those who insisted, mostly in the Golden Blitz Restaurant in Bucharest, that Romania should change the vote system started with 2008 fell into a trap. The uninominal vote system sounded well. It was trendy. And the political class has to be criticized and nailed to the wall, starting with the bloody MPs who dared suspend a statesman as great as Traian Basescu. So let's put them on the chair, give them a piece of the uninominal vote and award citizens with the big prize: the right to decide on every politician. Let's tear up the lists. Such slogans led to real hysteria. And it turned into utopia, despite the few warnings coming from some against the stream, some like me. It is about an utopia such as the renewal of the political class.
Isn't it right that we take the Americans for something terribly strange? Don't we always have fun wondering why the citizens of the world's most powerful state is ceaselessly in electoral campaign? Why do their national leaders drive from one city to another like crazy for one year and a half? Don't the local ones always live where they are elected? What is the point in political debates hours long? Aren't the Americans funny? Here is how good-tempered and balanced we are and how all of us can enjoy the summertime! Our future representatives are so decent! They avoid disturbing us when we are faced with floods or heat! They keep such a low profile that they don't seem to exist any more. The time left till elections is very little, like the hysterical representatives of the so-called civil society, the head of state and political party heads have been claiming. Elections are supposed to make a change in Romania's political life. So from the pool to paradise. But nothing is moving.
How many politicians have you seen knocking on the doors of the coming elections? Who are the candidates and where are they? Has anyone got any certitude about Romania's new political map?
The new vote system is meant to be a competition in terms of characters and projects and less of a petty battle of parties. How can it be successful, since citizens don't know the alternatives? Who are the candidates? What are their names? How do they look like? How do they behave? Where do they come from? Where are they going to? What are they promising? How can they guarantee they will keep the promises?
America is really crazy. It has been in electoral campaign for almost two years, whereas we mind our business, according to the stupid saying that water flows, but stones don't. After such a long delay with this premier experience of the uninominal vote system, Romania will go through one of the greatest illusions in history. Hopes will vanish away.
But suppose something that is not true: this new system is good and fit for this country. Then the whole thing looks like scrub turned into an astronaut and sent into space because we wish so. You will have what you won't want. You will have what they want.
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