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US advises Moldovan Republic and Romania to sign treaty
According to David Kramer, a deputy of the US state secretary assistant for democracy and human rights, the Moldovan Republic and Romania should prove political will and sign a border treaty, the Russian press agency Novai Reghion reports.
The agency claims David Kramer told the Moldova 1 Channel, subordinate to the pro-Russia Communist officials in Chishinau, that the two states' officials had told the US that they were going to sign a treaty on the state border between Romania and the Moldovan Republic, a document 95% completed. The high official in the US is said to have commented that a basic treaty between the two states would become achievable afterwards, which would improve bilateral relations and thus serve both states.
Valeri Ostalep, the Moldovan foreign vice minister, is paying a visit to Bucharest tomorrow. In his official meetings with Romania's representatives he is to approach bilateral consultations concerning the small traffic on the border between the two states. (M.I.)
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