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Romania may get to house Mercedes factory
According to the Romanian businessman Ion Tiriac, Romania may get to house a Mercedes factory, since the Daimler car producer is showing great interest in investments in our country. Dieter Zetsche, a Daimler general manager, has confirmed the information true.
So far there have been several foreign publications to announce Romania is a favorite location for a new Mercedes factory. But the only thing the Daimler official has informed about is that the new location is sure to be in Eastern Europe. The famous producer is to make a choice in the next three weeks.
Romania and Poland are rated as main favorites. The districts of Cluj and Sibiu are said to be the likely locations in the former state. The mayors of Cluj and Sibiu have confirmed they had official talks with the Mercedes Benz representatives, adding the latter haven't made a decision yet.
The Romanian press has rumored a possibility such as a Mercedes factory in Jucu, the district of Cluj, where there has recently been opened a Nokia factory. (A.E.)
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