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Securitate collaboraors may run in elections
Cazimir Ionescu, a member of the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive), announced yesterday that the complete data on candidates might be received just 10 days before the election day. He added it would therefore be impossible to check on those wishing to be elected mayors or district council presidents in due time. "It seems they want quiet elections as far as the checks on collaboration with the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service) are concerned", he commented.
He explained the mechanism used to check on local election candidates was put at a standstill: "It is like in that joke with the tunnel dug in the moutain from both ends. Because the two teams didn't meet, there emerged two parallel tunnels in the end. The Parliament made two laws not in keeping with each other. The Central Electoral Office told the Parliament to draw the candidate lists in a certain way. For the CNSAS there were established different criteria to identity a person."
He showed the lists received from the Central Electoral Office, which he described as unusable, for they contained no names of the candidates' parents and no birth place for every candidate. He concluded: "We can't put in our program just a person's name. Without such identification elements we may make unforgivable errors."
Up to mayors
The CNSAS official mentioned that in the talks with the Central Electoral Office it had been decided that the full data on every candidate would be sent by city halls. One CNSAS member told us: "It is up to them. If one doesn't want to be on the list. He talks to the mayor and so no check can follow. Thorough checks will be very hard to do."
Cazimir Ionescu admitted the centralized information would be ready by May 20. Another CNSAS member commented: "This is mockery. We have to rely much on the 2004 lists, although things have changed in the meantime. There are many new candidates who haven't been checked. More than a half of the city halls in Romania have got no Internet access. How can we receive the lists? It's obvious no one wants to be disturbed."
Still the CNSAS president Ladislau Csendes is somehow more optimistic, as he says the checks will take place anyway: "We received the data for checks on about 400 candidates. We haven't got the full lists, but we are going to start checking on the candidates on which there is complete information."
But the spokesman for the Central Electoral Office claims his institutions has sent no data on the local election candidates to be checked on: "Our institution doesn't centralize local election candidacies, which are registered at the local electoral offices."
Cristian ANDREI 
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